Pronunciation Task Force Meeting on August 7, 2023

07 August 2023


Alan_, IrfanA, IrfanA_, matatk

Meeting minutes

<matatk> Calendar bug reporting: https://github.com/w3c/calendar/issues

matatk: Need to updated the googlesheet with responses. Also, need to resend the letter to the vendors again. Paul will updated the google sheet with the responses. Irfan. Janina, Matthew are attending the TPAC and will coordinate with the vendors if required.

matatk: we should consider the breakout rooms.

matatk: it can help us to get some wider feedback

matatk: our session is on wednesday when internal w3c meetings are not on and other sessions can be made.

matatk: we should consider proposing one breakout sessions with the agenda items. if people are interested in pitching some ideas, we should have slides ready

matatk: mhakkinen may have a useful deck that we can use during the TPAC to pitch out ideas

matatk: we can also use our explainer document

<matatk> w3c/tpac2023-breakouts

matatk: Irfan can work with the deck to ensure we have a useful pitching idea

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