Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

12 June 2023


abbey, EA, Jennie, kirkwood, Rain
David Swallow, Katy Brinckly

Meeting minutes

<lisa> agends?

<lisa> clear q

<lisa> next item

Spending time on task requests and subgroups.

Lisa sharing screen to show action items. Need to look at Structure proposal overview document as needs to be completed by July 5th - add comments and state feelings about it all.

Erik was going to go through github - will get to it this week as has been very busy. Will report back to Lisa - and she mentioned Tues and Thursdays best 18th June possibly

Research plan - need to start giving more tasks to be completed

No one attending from Mental health group

Lisa asked if need to update the table with completed items

Rain said that much of she needs to update has been shared - still waiting for feedback that will be discussed mid-July - about categories and qualatative study. Rain will update the dates as much is being worked on but may be some push back on a few items.

Image subgroup - not much information to share -

Sprints are being put at the top that need to be completed. Jennie will complete image sub group updated.

Clear Language subgroup waiting for feedback on what has already been achieved

Process discussions by AG tomorrow about decisions Wed 13th June - they are thinking about certain guidelines that are highlighted in the document Examples include items from Content Usable that might be relevant - making sure coga issues are highlighted as part of the solutions

Lisa suggested that people should attend the meeting if they can to add weight to the discussion.

Lisa also mentioned the international group - where items do not work in other languages... how to make the process work for all the linguistic aspects of the content being written

John Kirkwood said he would like to join the group but is not always sure he can attend.

<Jennie> *It is too bad Shawn isn't able to weekly attend as he does a lot of that work too

Lisa mentioned that there is working group on internationalisation - this is just about liaising with this group - not forming another group. Those who said they would be interested have agreed that they might be able to read drafts and advise when asked.

Jennie also pointed out that Canadian French is different when compared to Parisian French and Shawn would be able to advise on this sort of help as well.

Jennie also mentioned that we could be contacted by email only and Lisa will ask Shawn if there are any other people who might be able to attend.

More about supporting others to make multilingual documents - collecting links and setting up goals.

Testing strategy - Jennie feels she will have to step back from the group as has to take on more in her daily work. Jennie will stay available by email but not able to help with the most recent sprint. Shawn is also stepping back so need another person to take on this task.

Need new members for the testing strategy for Making Content Usable. In the past there is a need to certain patterns to be made testable and still need different ways of testing - new approaches required so may need a time for handover

Jennie and Shaw looked at binary tests and this now needs to be expanded.

Lisa will write to the list for someone to take over.

Jennie suggested that it might be worth reaching out to multiple companies that work in the area of testing and can offer help.

Abbey works with researchers and mentioned her work with NCR and work on testing and have resources that might be helpful.

A discussion followed about the important work that is needed for testing but not enough manpower at the moment.

Lisa mentioned wanting to think about multiple tracks about auditory - need to make a request track and Lisa will draft a paper on the subject.

Guardianship - Kiki sent a review and Jennie and John will be reviewing - need to connect with Kiki and see what is still required.

Lisa and John Kirkwood both mentioned difficulty of people with mental health challenges joining the groups and a draft was written about the issues that can occur.

Now there are broader conversations happening on the intelectual disabilities not mental health.

Mistake apologies - not mental health - intellectual disabilities

Rain mentioned that 'Guardianship' is waiting for legal and a meeting Rachael not Kiki. No time was set up when the meeting happened.

Discussion about how we can make giving feedback easier and more inclusive - Town halls etc

Jennie asked if everyone was feeling happy about the interactions occurring at the moment in the community group

<lisa> next item

Rain felt that everyone was feeling well supported but there are issues about links changing with Zoom - navigating multiple time zones and other challenging communications because of the various technologies being used. Now some are working in Slack and more use of Google docs. W3C are happy with these support mechanisms.

Jennie has said that she will be comfortable helping with these sort of issues and John Kirkwood supported this idea and finding ways of helping participation

<lisa> esspialy with emotional regulation

John agreed that an internal group that is within the general group can be helpful to guide and address challenges that might be occurring when sometimes things become misconstrued.

Lisa suggested that we still need ways to gather feedback but it must be safe and comfortable for all

<lisa> next item

Comments needed for the CTAUR document -

Jennie needs to complete the rest of the comments going into the document and will try to finish the task by the end of this week.

Lisa will explain this to Janine and when Jennie has sent it to the list we all need to review and make new comments if necessary. Discuss again next week.

Jennie said the comments must be very specific - so instead of saying this... say something else - so always give an example of what you mean - Jennie will include this in the instructions.

Lisa mentioned there were other discussions about collaborative documents and these need comparing. Lisa asked for help

<abbey> I can help with cross-referencing

Jennie said the Jan S. was gilling to help with the task. Jennie will send a note around to the list and Abbey has offered to help.

'gilling'should be 'willing'

Justine is interested in the comparing task and can help early July.

<kimberly_sarabia> interested but have a lot of catch up to do

John K. worried about the collaboration tools document as some of the items seem a little dated - many more items are now collaborated and perhaps need to think about methods and systems for collaborations rather than tools

Lisa suggested that this should be discussed in more detail and maybe we will need a call about this aspect of collaboration

Jennie in response to John's comment - Monday is a holiday so next week she will not attend. Scoping study is being undertaken - real time co-editing could cover the process aspect. Perhaps this could be highlighted within the current scope

<kirkwood> understood, very good

Next week attendance?

<Jennie> I cannot attend on June 19th

<lisa> can you come next week

<kimberly_sarabia> yes

<kimberly_sarabia> +1

<Eric_Hind> +1

<abbey> 0

<aaronchu> 0


<kirkwood> 0

<Rain> 0

Lisa suggested maybe just a small meeting

<lisa> next item

Lisa has mentioned AAATE in Paris 28-1st Sept

<lisa> next item

Lisa suggested coga task force could have a face to face meeting at the same time. Lisa will send around an email about the conference.

Lisa asked if new action page was helping the group?

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