Spoken Presentation Task Force Teleconference

05 June 2023


Dee, IrfanA, matatk, PaulG, Sam

Meeting minutes

I can't join the zoom call

"The host has another meeting in progress"

<IrfanA> https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88989295350?pwd=enNCd28zcmExeDBWMzYrOGdWNStTdz09

if we have to cancel today it's not a big deal. No updates on my end.

<IrfanA> I and Sam are in the call

I think that's the old meeting link

<mhakkinen> Is there a link to the zoom meeting for today?

The one I see on the calendar is different

<IrfanA> what is new zoom link?


mhakkinen we're having an issue with Zoom today, may have to cancel

what do we want to do?

<mhakkinen> The zoom link from Paul doesn't work.

<IrfanA> https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88989295350?pwd=enNCd28zcmExeDBWMzYrOGdWNStTdz09

Agenda Review, Membership & Announcements

AT Letter

matatk: I have an email address to add to the spreadsheet
… today, there was another reply on the apa-chairs list from Makoto
… he's going to pass along the request to other Japanese AT vendors and associations with the Daisy consortium

the TPAC schedule was already sent in and will be announced this week

matatk: we'll let everyone know when that happens

Action Items

Github Issues and examples

Other Business

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