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14 April 2023


Chuck, jeanne, kirkwood, Lauriat, Luis, Makoto, maryjom, mgarrish
jeanne, Shawn

Meeting minutes

<Chuck> I have audio issues, I'm working the issue

<Luis> Jeanne: This week in AGWG. Hopefully folks got surveys done. We have new ones!

<Luis> .. no WCAG 3 ones, but for the 18th, we'll be discussing updated Editor's Draft and working on Alternative Text guidelines started at CSUN meeting.

<Luis> .. we're going to refine that a bit more to train folks on how to write guidelines since those are starting soon.

<Luis> .. then WCAG 2.2 wrap up for outstanding issues.

<Chuck> Welcome Tom!

<Lauriat> Error notifications working doc

Process for Writing Guidelines using Maturity Levels ->

<https: //docs.google.com/document/d/1zW-UubALQOCokCoLnIuQrnGNKLm2uHi36S8yhAojrIE/>

<Lauriat> Error notification placeholder level direct link

<Lauriat> Exploratory

<Lauriat> Methods

<kirkwood> +1 to git hub, I would suggest noting that put into github with exact language: linking from the google doc to specific github issue

<Lauriat> +1 to Chuck & +1 to kirkwood to link to the source

<Lauriat> +1, good to illustrate how things start taking shape

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