Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

27 Mar 2023


Rashmi, Lisa, Jan_, ShawnT, abbey, kb, Rachael, julierawe, Kiki, David-Swallow, JustineP, kirkwood
becca, rain, Jenny


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<Lisa> scribe+ Jan

<Lisa> scribe: Jan

Lisa: The first item has 2 links - subgroup updates and the timelines
... Based on what the AGWG is working, we decided last week to slightly change the way our subgroups are working.
... A subgroup will now work for 8 weeks on 1 or 2 tasks - it won't address everything in those 8 weeks
... This allows people to make a commitment for a shorter, more manageable period of time.
... The first time a subgroup meets, you decide on what you're doing; you then report back to the main group at 4 weeks, 6 weeks, and 8 weeks.
... People asked for space to be provided in our normal action document to help the subgroups transition from the way we currently work to this new workflow
... We were scheduled to meet our first set of KPIs at the end of March - we are all late, so the idea is that we will evaluate where we are and define what we can finish in the next 8 weeks

<Kimberly_Sarabia> If we don't have a subgroup yet, do you recommend I just contact the subgroup leader to see if there is room?

Rashmi: During April, I am traveling for a month; how can we move forward if I'm away for 4 weeks?

Lisa: If you're going to be away for 4 weeks, then other people might have to step in to chair.
... The idea is that you lead sprints when you're going to be available. If you're going to be gone, then you need to find someone else to lead work while you're gone.
... For the mental health subgroup, we should meet with Lisa, Jan, and Rashmi over the next two days.
... Jan will send an email to Rashmi and Lisa to set up a meeting.

Rashmi: We have reviewed 16 papers as part of the lit review. We have met that KPI, but there are still some people who have not completed their articles.

Lisa: The end of April / first week of May, we should be able to close up loose ends on current KPIs. We should be able to finish analysis, but probably won't complete a draft for new patterns by then.
... We have a draft of an issue paper.
... There is an additional issue paper we were considering. By end of April / first week of May, we should be able to complete a draft of an issue paper. We are not too far off from completing the current KPIs.
... In the next stage, we need to add mental health to the research and possibly create a new persona
... Will will also need to add new scenarios

Rashmi: I have restructured the analysis page, so we need to update the current page with the new page. Should we change the page now or use it as a backup.

Lisa: Let's put that on the agenda for the meeting we're going to have in the next two days.
... Next item is the structural review of Content Usable. Rain gave regrets.

Kiki: My understanding is that we're doing sprints to get through action items for subgroups?

Lisa: We are giving ourselves 4-6 weeks to identify what we have done and what we have not done of our current KPIs and then define what we can finish up in the next few weeks. Once we do that, we will start with 8-week sprints like AGWG is doing.

Kiki: I might not be the best person to speak to the structural review. Research being done by Google XR should be done by the end of April. I am not sure when this will be completed.
... We were trying to use information from the COGA community group and have been deciding how we're going to collect data from that group.

Lisa: Is anyone aware of whether a new draft is being created for a new structure?

Shawn: I will help develop something in GitHub, but can't do weekly meetings. I can help asynchronously.

Lisa: I think the analysis was done.

Julie: The last time I attended a meeting on this, there was discussion about percentage agreements and what was considered low

Lisa: We have analytics from the W3C
... Rain will probably want to make changes to the plan a bit.

Julie: For Clear Language - we have an 8-week plan. We are about half-way through an 8-week plan. We have completed 1 quantitative test for Common Words.
... At the end of the sprint, we will have a working draft that has breadth in terms of outcomes and depth for at least one outcome.
... We are going to focus on depth for Common Words

Lisa: Rachael - do you want us to also be doing tests and methods, or is this good?

Rachael: We wanted to get to the outcomes and I think you have to do tests and methods in order to finalize the outcomes.

Julie: Jeanne recommended that we build out the outcomes in details so that the working draft has breadth and then the second step is to build out test and methods for one area to give that area depth.
... We are focusing on Common Words for the outcome that will be built out with depth - including tests and methods.

Lisa: During the meeting on April 17th, can we look at this?

Julie: April 24th would probably be better.

Lisa: Test Plan and Strategy, we don't have Jennie here, but Shawn is here.

Shawn: Jennie and I met and we are looking at 10 patterns and how to test them. At our next meeting, we will review the findings from this meeting and continue to work on that.

Lisa: From the KPS's, what do we think is done and will be done by the 31st?

Shawn: We were looking at completing 10 patterns having 1st drafts. We are planning to show this on Thursday - looking at the 10 we did.
... We would like to not use the term "edge case" - we are just wanting to use cases or working cases

Lisa: You collected different tables of content for what a document might look like

Shawn: Yes, we started, but refocused on the 10 patterns and will go back to the table of contents later

Lisa: "Research and Strategy," we've moved to the main group.
... Aaron did a review of issue papers and we should probably discuss this at the April 17th meeting
... David - you were going to make a partner list for people who are doing similar research in line with what we are doing - different organizations who might be willing to share their work with us and we could be part of their dissemination. Will that be doable by the 31st?

David: I should be able to get this done by April 30th.

Lisa: Images: Jennie and Rain gave regrets - no one had any updates on this topic at this time, but hopefully we can get the document updated by them asynchronously.
... @Shawn - do you want time in the agenda on April 24th to go over patterns?

Shawn: Sounds good - I just want to confirm that Jennie will be there as well.

Eric: I am available to help over the next few weeks

Lisa: WCAG has created guidelines in a document.

<Lisa> next item

Lisa: Put information into a table to help us with feedback: We need to identify if the guideline is something COGA wants to be involved in and that we have particular expertise that would help.
... We also need to consider if we have patterns from Content Usable that should be included and then we can start working on status in terms of what is and is not going to be included.

<Lisa> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Nw0uqseDHPiRfrC8NvnHAoX2HsRERblGEOGW6MU-jJM/edit

Lisa: One of the guidelines is that the design will have consistent design - this is a good example of how we have information from Content Usable about consistent design that could be included in this guideline and we could also offer specific expertise to support the authoring of the guideline.
... The current guideline on consistent design has a lot of information for screen readers, but this is an opportunity to expand on the guideline to include COGA recommendations
... The next one is about flashes, but COGA has some information about distractions that might also be added to this guideline.
... What is the best way for us to provide feedback? Does someone want to take this on and lead this, or do we want to provide feedback independently?

<Lisa> jan: needs systematic overcite

Jan: What is the timeline on this?

Lisa: Rachael told us last week, so that timeline might be in the email.

John: @Jan - please cc me on the email to Rachael and then maybe we can set up a quick call to address our strategy

Lisa: Does anyone feel up to volunteering to own this?
... Do people feel that they can go through the document and provide feedback themselves?

Julie: Could we maybe devote some time at our next COGA meeting and then after that, people might feel comfortable doing this asynchronously?

Lisa: How do people feel about on screen flashing group?

<Lisa> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Nw0uqseDHPiRfrC8NvnHAoX2HsRERblGEOGW6MU-jJM/edit

Rachael: We will be setting up 3, 8-week sprints over the next 5 months. Within the next week, we want to identify which guidelines need to have COGA representation and if so, what are the skills that are needed?

<Rachael> +1

<julierawe> +1

Lisa: For consistent design, I think it's critical


<Rashmi> +1

<kb> +1

John: Yes, it's critical

Lisa: onscreen flashing - is this critical?

Jan: We need to go through the document and put whether we think each guideline is critical for COGA involvement and expertise - please complete in the next two days.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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