Silver Task Force & Community Group

10 March 2023


janina, jeanne, Lauriat, luis, maryjom
jeanne, Shawn

Meeting minutes

<jeanne> scribe list

jeanne: Invites new participant intro ...

AGWG F2F meeting

jeanne: No Tuesday meeting; instead an all-day Monday 13 March

jeanne: Note listings are U.S Pacific Time, which will be -700 UTC

jeanne: Overview: Morning is conformance proposals

jeanne: Afternoon will be our writing process and the creation of placeholders for each of some 27 guidelines

jeanne: need exploratory text

Shall we meet next Friday 17 March?

jeanne: Notes we've multiple conflicts, CSUN, etc

chuck: +1 to skip

<maryjom> +1 to no meeting.

jeanne: Would prefer not to meet

RESOLUTION: No meeting of this TF Friday 17 March

Writing process - Tests for Error Notification

<jeanne> Error Notification

jeanne: Please advise any edits

jeanne: Goal now is a brief sketch of necessary tests

jeanne: Should be valid and reliably conductable

jeanne: Looking that solutions address user needs

jeanne: also identify additional considerations; e.g. user needs not met

jeanne: Started on notifications ...

Lauriat: identify when an error occurs so condition exists for a notification msg

[scribe note: Now working through a doc, so light scribing]

Summary of resolutions

  1. No meeting of this TF Friday 17 March
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