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12 January 2023


Matt King

Meeting minutes

Meeting Schedules

<Matt_King> No meeting on Jan 26 for CG

<Matt_King> Automation meetings starting first Monday in Feb

Test for the AT support tables in APG

MK: Most pressing topic, is test planning for the first AT support tables in APG

MK: We had hoped to get the first support tble sin ther APG at the end of last year, but didn't quite make it

MK: There maybe a preview link, but not sure

MK: What we are trying to do get all the testing upto date for 5 tests

MK: We have NVDA and VO, but not JAWS 2023

MK: We had a deal with Vespreo to use 2023 version

MK: We need to rerun all those tests

MK: JS are they ready?

MK: We need to get two tests with same results

MK: What's inthe test que

JS: I think all the tests are complete, alert and command button

JS: Link and toggle button are complete

JS: Radio group?

MK: Yes, I would like all 5 to be complete

MK: We have some problems getting the new APG getting published due to technical glitches

JS: All 5 have NVDA and VO, but there is a new version of NVDA

JS: We have not assigned a second person for JAWS

JS: We need one additional person for each pattern

MK: We can divid it up

JS: Yes

MK: What is the lead tie for a license for Dylan?

MF: Maybe 48 hours

MK: Let's set a target for 2 weeks, even though we don't have a meeting (27th)

MK: Who has bandwidth?

AG: I can test

JS: Dylan do you think you can benefit to have a person session

DS: That would be good, I can also meet with MF

AG: I am available to meet with Dylan too

JS: I am out of the office until next Wednesday

MK: Dylan needs to be added to the test cue access

JS: Dyaln send me your github name

MF: I need to drop

DS: Me too

MK: Fabulous!

MK: Would you be comfortable taking a couple of these

AG: I can do the same ones I did for NVDA

JG: I can take radio group

MK: Dylan can take alert

MK: Wondering about the out of date results for NVDA

JS: We can do an informal review to see if there are differences

JS: I think the APG data should reflect those changes

MK: If you want to do that at PAC that would be great

Retro: do we want to make changes to how we work?

MK: I would like to put on the table, when and how often we meet, approach agenda.. anything

MK: Having a discussion about what went well and what is not going so well

JS: Last year 2022 was more positive that 2021, more opportunities for people to speak outside of the meetings

JS: Where we are soewhat lacking, in strategies in bringing new people into the project

JS: There is no single page on how to start testing, right now people learn while ue it

JS: There are questions on the difference between "no output" and ...

MK: We do have a short page, maybe we need a step by step

JS: It provides a resource they can read and reference

JG: I would like a resource on where we are right now and what we are doing next

MK: I might be able to include information like thta in the agenda

AG: i feel that way too sometimes

MK: One thing I am trying to do is keeping maintenance low

MK: Is this something JS we can partner on

JS: If we have some resource that helps people understand

JG: The biggest issues are reviewing tests and running tests

MK: There are also discussions with vendors on testing and results

MK: That's another area we need input

MK: Usually we are going to be able to anticipate those meetings

MK: It seems to inlcude structure meeting time

MK: I will try to include in next week's agenda

MK: We will come back to this topic again in a month or so

planning for 2023 and Q1

MK: We out it in our road map is to have support maps in the APG

MK: I a not sure we will be able to all 60 in the APG

MK: We need to think about how many we plan to get done, it is a delicate thing

MK: There are 30-40 patterns with some tests

MK: We will not win there support publishing support for plans they have not vetted

MK: We need vendor support, can we get far enough through that vetting process

MK: We will be in position the first 5 from candidate to vetted status prettty quickly

MK: Planning on getting data into the APG is important and I want to do everything I can to enable success

MK: How we can figure out how many tests in the candidate status, and move every plan possible forward

MK: JS you are best position to set goals

JS: It is something I need to think about and take into account the processes and proceedures, especially with the new relationships with vendors

MK: We can just run every plan to get early looks on implementation

MK: what do you think about that

JS: Quite possibly

MK: A while ago one way to ben the curve to get fixes into NVDA, since it was open source

JS: NVDA has lost a developer

MK: That's not good

MK: I want us to have some discussion on testing

MK: We can talk about that week

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