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14 December 2022


Bill_Kasdorf_, gautier, GeorgeK, paulB_, tzviya, wolfgang

Meeting minutes

<wolfgang> Topic 1: Issue 51

<wolfgang> https://github.com/w3c/publishingcg/issues/51

wolfgang: introducing https://github.com/w3c/publishingcg/issues/51

GeorgeK: this is a well known issue for long time. It will be less problem if there is page number in epub for printer version counter part.
… I think there is a visual locator TF in working group to work on this.

Bill_Kasdorf_: I suggest we ask for the Locators TF in the WG

AvneeshSingh: for a11y we have update on metadata. How to show the machine readable a11y metadata
… we recognized user might have different priority for a11y metadata
… we will be providing example for different segment of users
… the 2nd big item is about a11y summary. pass over to george

GeorgeK: we finalized a11y summary. We realized it's poorly named.

<AvneeshSingh> User experience guide: https://w3c.github.io/publ-a11y/UX-Guide-Metadata/principles/

AvneeshSingh: giving example about a11y summary...
… publisher is providing machine readable a11y metadata
… for more detail please refer the above link

GeorgeK: we provide English of summary but translation of phrases might be difficult
… if we could get translation table then people will be able to use the translator table and it will be great for different retailer.

wolfgang: next Ed TF update

paulB_: we had exercise to categorize items. There is link of our working I will share in the meeting notes shortly
… hopefully some of them we will start discover about user cases
… for example certain format such as game and animation are very interesting category that we hope could be support properly
… overall very productive session today


GeorgeK: I tried to convert paper to epub but seems school is still using pdf in most case

<JamesY_> is this it - https://daisy.org/info-help/time-to-use-the-modern-digital-publishing-format/

<GeorgeK> https://daisy.org/info-help/time-to-use-the-modern-digital-publishing-format/

Discussing https://github.com/w3c/publishingcg/issues/51

<AvneeshSingh> Getting late here, so leaving the meeting. Thanks for placing a11y update in beginning of the agenda.

GeorgeK: (sharing screen about documentation of Executive Summary)
… I will send this document to paul, we finalized this document and should be ready to share

GeorgeK: on a note of high ed mathML will be supported by next chrome and edge perhaps new year

tzviya: will also need to test MathML on Safari and Firefox

close the agendum

close the agendum

JamesY_: in current anti-counterfeiting meetings we were evaluating existing solutions

<tzviya> https://iscc.codes/#a-proposal-for-a-modern-and-open-content-based-identifier

<tzviya> https://c2pa.org/

tzviya: the above two both have prototype, they are still under development.

JamesY_: in the meeting it was mentioned could be adopted to epub

wolfgang: any information regarding licensing of the above two approaches?

JamesY_: the c2pa is somehow open. Not sure about licensing yet

tzviya: before licensing we probably need to check out if the approaches could be good fit for anti-counterfeiting
… the reading systems will also need to be onboard

<gautier> EDRLab will be happy to collaborate on this topic :)

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