14 December 2022


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Meeting minutes

<Paul_Belfanti> Publishing Community Group, Education Task Force Telecon

<Paul_Belfanti> "meeting: Publishing Community Group, Education Task Force Telecon"

<Paul_Belfanti> "Date: 14 December 2022"

<Paul_Belfanti> "Chair: Paul Belfanti"

Interview - Post Grad / Research Librarian

SueNeu: 4 areas / description of who / key to what, color coded
… , next to copy over to sorting
… , Areas of interest
… , Librarian Open Source - Humanities preserving
… , data
… , presentation as video games, 3d, virtual reality (preserved on the web)
… , Colors: pink - annoying items, green - workflow / publishing web, blue they really liked, circles - direct quotes
… , epub spec is great, inconsistent features across platforms so basic epubs are only created.
… , no home for projects, could sort them preserving data, or maybe a different sorting algorithm? limited scope US/Canada. interesting to know if researchers in France experience page # issues or other issues we have identified.
… , everyone talked about massage the metadata to fit their system. another system to ONIX, no exposure from this group. A11Y features are vendor dependent.
… , not sure how to put a11y formats into their catalog

<JF> that's kind of distressing

James: Marc records carry a11y metadata

SueNeu: concepts of cataloguing data.

Paul_Belfanti: not sure about cataloguing process and support for a11y

Bill: the a11y TF CG crosswalk from a11y epub metadata, / onix / marc records we have lots of details in the standards but go into general buckets in marc
… , not finalized yet, work is paused. waiting for further developments.
… , library folks from US and Canada, and we recruited a number of people and they jumpped in and took over the work, but its stalled as we are waiting on the MARC world to improve things.

MEJay: interface with you all with LRMI group let me know.

SueNeu: metadata international - most data is in english, even when aggregators use standards the information must match their taxonomy.

MEJay: we have this data in German with LRMI.

SueNeu: Interoperability with metadata, fast metadata over ONIX.

<JamesY> https://www.oclc.org/research/areas/data-science/fast.html

<JamesY> FAST - Metadata

SueNeu: spoke with open access texts to Higher Ed.

Bill: CCBy license gives open access but content can be adjusted as long as they are ack'ed.

SueNeu: Open Access CEO books.
… , will add a link so everyone here can make changes as they see fit.

Paul_Belfanti: Page #'s is a pretty big issue.

SueNeu: Said this lack of page #'s is traumatizing when student must cite page #'s and there are no page numbers.
… , wrote up my first use-case and will send a link.

Bill_Kasdorf: : is a requirement in EPUB if there is a print counterpart.

JamesY: Yes but books with no print counterpart should have page numbers.
… , we put it between sections.

<Paul_Belfanti> Editable Link to Miro Board https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVPHmhWnk=/?share_link_id=815458835151

Bill_Kasdorf: Fabulous work Susan, thanks!

Paul_Belfanti: Content formats - games/ 3d / videos I think is a great use-case to develop.
… , important to make sure there is some guidance that this is handled. Sounds new to me.

SueNeu: all have monographs but not adequate that they aren't experiencing the content. just a descriptor of it.
… , Link to use case: Page number use case https://github.com/w3c/publishingcg/issues/51

<Paul_Belfanti> Page number use case https://github.com/w3c/publishingcg/issues/51

Everyone: Worked on the Miro: Insights Extraction moving all the post-its under the various sections.

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