issue severity subgroup 2, week 4

02 November 2022


Francis_Storr, sarahhorton, ShawnT

Meeting minutes

sarah talking through the work she did taking Info + Relationships SCs and trying decide their level of criticality.

talking through context and how that changes criticality

how do we scope the user's task / journey to emphasize what's important?

creating a couple of test scenarios to work through: if there is one input on a search page, where there is more than one input for similar information (e.g., billing address, shipping address)

<ShawnT> https://www.investopedia.com/terms/1/80-20-rule.asp

<sarahhorton> https://www.tpgi.com/how-write-user-stories-accessibility-requirements/

experimenting with creating user stories

adding more WCAG 2x content to severity spreadsheet to work through.

this is week 4, so we're halfway through this subgroup. next week, we should start by discussing the deliverables we want to present back to AGWG.

sarah to update critical severity worksheet.

homework is to work on critical severity worksheet to add more content to it before next week's meeting.

note: clocks change in non-European countries this weekend.

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