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WebAuthnKit - AWS Architecture Design (Registration Flow)

Demonstration of an adaptive MFA approach to help users migrate towards WebAuthn

by Luke Walker and Cody Salas (Yubico)

End users have difficulty understanding WebAuthn. Developers have many UI and backend trade-offs to make when implementing WebAuthn experiences. This demo highlights some guiding principles to help build adaptable user flows to ease adoption of WebAuthn.
Deployment requirements and details can be found in this GitHub repo.

Logo of the Wolvic open source browser, representing a wolf in blue and white

Wolvic XR Browser

by Brian Kardell (Igalia)

For years now Igalia has been helping the platform advance in exciting ways by diversifying investment into web platform technologies.
In 2022, Igalia took over stewardship of the project formerly known as Firefox Reality and from its base launched the new Wolvic XR Browser. We believe this is an exciting area and we hope you'll check it out.

Over the last 5 years, the number of XR devices shipping has grown 100 fold. Many of these place users into an entirely immersive operating system. Access to all of the richness of web in this environment is critical, and the ability to incorporate new Web XR experiences opens whole new doors. Check out for more.

GPS (Guidance, Planning, Support) with AI Decision Science

by Rachel Yager (FortuneTimesGroup)

At its core, AI Decision Science is about making better decisions by understanding and utilizing data. That's why GPS Application Development with AI Decision Science is such a powerful tool. By understanding the available data, we can make more informed decisions that can improve our lives in various ways. For example, GPS Application Development with AI Decision Science can be used to improve educational outcomes by providing customized learning plans for each student.

In the financial world, GPS Application Development with AI Decision Science can be used to identify and invest in new opportunities. And in the health management field, GPS Application Development with AI Decision Science can be used to develop more effective treatment plans and improve patient care. The possibilities are endless. With GPS Application Development using AI Decision Science, we can make better decisions in all aspects of our lives.

Drawing of a birdhouse filled with books

Bringing the written word to life - Living books

by Kaleeg Hainsworth, Angela Doll and Kim Hale (Legible)

Find out what happens to books when you build them for a browser-based system. Legible's Living Books are filled with creative, multi-media, dynamic content, while maintaining all the integrity and versatility of an epub. Accessible, beautiful, and sustainable digital publishing is here at last, and the creative and technological opportunities abound for publishers and authors to enjoy now that we are finally moving past the legacy reading systems of the past decade. The next one billion readers.