issue severity subgroup week 7

31 August 2022


Francis_Storr, sarahhorton, shadi, ShawnT, ToddL

Meeting minutes

What goes in the PR

ShawnT: We worked on the spreadsheet, decided to list out the user-needs for each category. Decided that we'd put the functional needs as th headings, and what level deep we should go?
… find out what critical needs go there, and what user-needs should go in the cells.
… I listed all of them from the doc.
… created full reference from the doc in a sheet.
… Sarah did the functional needs.

sarahhorton: I made a sheet for the func needs categories. Started by grouping them.
… took the ~50 func needs, but still lots to talk through.
… those would become col headers on the crit needs sheet.
… also took all the tests from the editor's draft that made sense for discrete tasks.
… Shawn thought we should setup the framework, some of the work at TPAC could be to fill out the user needs.
… we focused on critical, but this could serve as a way of doing the other levels.
… so this is setup for the group to take forward.
… Trying to show how it builds on existing content. so this is a framework for exploring the concept, using the content developered for WCAG 3.0

ShawnT: Keeping in mind that some of the needs may change.

alastairc: Question for me is then, how would we propose that it's used?

sarahhorton: We have notes on that.

… also, 2 presentations seemed to be relevant.
… equity, and test-types.
… if we have multiple test-types, and severity in each, we'll need to account for that.

Francis_Storr: We'd need to account for that?

sarahhorton: The tests in column A here, are what Wilco proposed as computational, maybe qualitative. There were additional ones (e.g. adaptive), so we'll need to consider how that affects the ranking / severity.
… Clear words has some extended tests. those are the ones I could draw from the editor's draft.

ShawnT: Thought we could go through some of the sheet at TPAC. E.g. get people involved to see if the ratings are good, if the methodology works.
… could spend an hour with a bunch of people to work on that.

Francis_Storr: That sounds interesting.

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