WCAG3 Equity Subgroup

15 August 2022


Cyborg, janina, jeanne, Jen, Laura_Carlson, MichaelC
Janina, jeanne

Meeting minutes

<jeanne> queue:

Review expectations: scribing, queuing, homework, CEPC

jeanne: please use the IRC que.

<jeanne> CEPC

jeanne: reminder of CEPC

Reminder of CEPC
… allow everyone apporunity to speak, and being respectful.

jennifer: please let me know if I should be doing anything.

janina: reminder of need to que.

Writing proposals and supporting varied accessibility needs

janne: looked at how to make it work for new members.

jeanne: set up google doc.
… will try to make things sync up.

<jeanne> Drafts and thoughts on Equity

jeanne: it will allow others to comment on opur work.
… good to have differing accessibility needs.

jen: raising issues since I joined.
… such as coga. Tools are not working.
… how did any thing ever get done.
… some have difficulties with the tools.
… need consistency in where things are.

jeanne: Review the concepts

Review the concepts that the definition should capture

MC: looked at homework and added thoughts to the doc.
… (reads his updates)

<Cyborg> is this where we are now? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nNIHH8c55xWLk5mmTCVDPSnORcIlX2n4MNg3eyADRRg/edit#heading=h.th10bv7bnizg

mc: state vs process. Thinks it is more of a state.

jeanne: (reads her updates)
… likes how it impacts out guidelines.
… like to have very specific things.

<Zakim> janina, you wanted to drop mentioning "measurability" and simply say "prioritize meeting user needs"

janina: name meeting user needs as our priority.

<Zakim> MichaelC, you wanted to say state, requirements, process

janina: measurability may be the topic.

mc: equity is a state.
… we need to define it and be clear.
… then here are things that are needed to achive them

<jeanne> +1 to that

mc: room for processs guidance at the end.

jen: just finidng google doc this morning. Think it is a

jeanne: wiki doc is the forma doc.

<Cyborg> can we add the framework doc to the google doc too so we can comment on it too?

<Cyborg> link to framework doc please?

jen: I added a lot to the wiki last week.

<jeanne> Equity Framework

jen: intstagram real
… would be a helpful guide for us.

<jeanne> +1 to the state outcome. I think there is also a process element in how we develop guidelines

jen: we can' keep pace with technology changes.
… progessive enhancement is helpful to this.
… added graphics.
… nees pwd contributing to the work.

<Cyborg> can the wiki material be added to the google doc to reconcile them please?

jeanne: reads Laura's updates.

<jeanne> Laura's definition prooposal

<Zakim> jeanne, you wanted to respond to "measurability"

<Jen> +1 to we cannot exclude things because of measurability

jeanne: thinks measurability can't be excluded from the definition.

Cyborg: +1 to Jeanne.
… can wiki content be put into the wiki?
… we are talking about equity and inequity.
… need to explain both. Explain inequity first.
… think it is a process and a state.
… we should address measurability too.
… will add to google doc.

<Zakim> janina, you wanted to address process vis a vis state

janina: agree with MC it is a state. But it also needs to be a process because it keeps changing.
… no one has fully clean hands.
… alt text has qualitative factors.
… what makes things work? It may be qualitave not just quantitative.

<Zakim> MichaelC, you wanted to talk about scope at actionable and to s/measure/evaluate/ and to note existing efforts towards equity, and to prioritize finding additional ones and to explore inequity and to say req for proc

mc: scope of what we can do: We are focused on web site authoring.
… could have requirements for our proceces. but should be a separate conversation.
… I've been focusing on test an measure to evaluate.
… looking at inequity could be helpful.

jeanne: mirroring wiki in the google doc can be complicated.

jen: mirror issues are very real.
… looking at "outcome" or "state".
… added definitions.
… leaning toward "outcome"
… something to reflect on.
… increasing representation is a longer term issue.
… may pwd have joined but will not come return because of issues encountered.

Cyborg: terms woud fit into a model.
… will think about it.
… difficult to do 2 screens.

jeanne: trying to write a proposal to bring this together

<Zakim> jeanne, you wanted to talk about how to keep documents in sync

janina: hearing tool issues are problematic.
… need to narrow our focus.
… need a tech description of what authors need to do.

<Zakim> jeanne, you wanted to say our focus for this sprint is what is needed to make conformance decisions at TPAC

janina: not going to solve all equity issues. need to narrow scope.

jeanne: our focus for this sprint is what is needed to make conformance decisions at TPAC
… need good decsions about conformance model.

Cyborg: come back to process and conformace.
… could create buckets and invite input.
… helpful to get continuing input on inequity.
… scope higher.

janina: not sure how we meet coga in measurability, it is a qualitative & subjective.
… describe how it looks and works.

<Cyborg> what Janina just said ought to be in this document.

jeanne: are groups working on measureability and evaluation

<Zakim> jeanne, you wanted to review difference between measureability and evaluation and automation

jeanne: could add a new section for those

jeanne: we on AG agenda for next week.

<Cyborg> how can i add between now and then?

jeanne: (reads proposed survey questions)

<Cyborg> can we please copy from the framework to the google doc so i can comment on that?

jeanne: I can add things to the wiki.

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