Issue Severity subgroup week 3

03 August 2022


sarahhorton, ShawnT, ToddL

Meeting minutes

<ShawnT> Issue Severity worksheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MEdnI4CvrTlq1843MZfWLaIBGmoGXXQPpUOhEY1NgV4/edit?pli=1#gid=0

sarahhorton: Walkthrough the Issues Severity Worksheet for the group

fantastic work on the severity sheet by Sarah.

sarahhorton: want to focus on critical barriers. prioritization is a big issue. focus attention on things that make a difference.

<ShawnT> +1 on focusing on critical errors to start

sarahhorton: should discuss categorization

sarahhorton: can we have any severity assessment in WCAG3? that's the question.

ShawnT: a lot of it is sujective

ShawnT: the more "experts" weigh in, the more subjective things can be

sarahhorton: there is an effort to do a severity rating at an SC level

sarahhorton: draw from Main User Needs into severity worksheet method as another dimension to the document


sarahhorton: a few decisions we can make to move forward

sarahhorton: look at only critical issues

sarahhorton: take a few that are critical and add into severity worksheet. next step is to build out all functional needs columns

ShawnT: instead of marking everything "critical" mark everything whatever the main functional need issue is.

ShawnT: take SC from categorization document and work on that for next meeting

top row, functional needs, cells are user needs.

ask group about how detailed those heading columns would be.

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