03 August 2022


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Patrick H. Lauke
Patrick H. Lauke, Patrick_H_Lauke

Meeting minutes

Apologies. Clearly due to my getting mixed up with our fortnightly schedule and only sending the official confirmation/invite out just before the meeting...

Order of pointerover/enter/move and corresponding mouse events is different on browsers https://github.com/w3c/pointerevents/issues/454

Mustaq: a few cautions - why we don't have pointerout directly after mouseout

Mustaq: suppose you have both a primary touch and mouse. browser can't make a sensible event flow

Mustaq: can't have a direct mapping of pointerover/pointerout to mouseover/mouseout

Mustaq: interleaving the events is the challenge

Patrick: wondering if we should have some kind of sentence about browser only choosing a single primary to send compat events

Mustaq: but that brings problem that on desktop/laptop, mouse is always there, so can't just do it for the "first" primary it saw

<mustaq> Another related point: 11.1 says "user agents are encouraged to guarantee..." which is too vague for normative text, right?

Patrick: so in general, i think we should reinforce the idea that yes, this aspect is a bit vague in the spec, because dealing with making a sensible mouse compat event stream is tricky particularly with multi-primary-pointer scenarios. and that authors should basically not try to rely on mouse compat events in these cases and go directly for pointer events

Patrick: agree 11.1 needs to be solidified more...

Mustaq: it definitely could do with a diagram perhaps to also explain

Patrick: if you want to make a first rough stab at a diagram, I can then "prettify" it

ACTION: Mustaq to look at 11.1, rough out a diagram, and Patrick to review

Heartbeat: Clarify what the target of the click event should be after capturing pointer events https://github.com/w3c/pointerevents/issues/356

Patrick: our standing item, no news at this point, but we'll review more closely at next meeting

Mustaq: think we decided that click should go to capture item, and we have a few bugs around that

looking at the WPT

Mustaq: [mentions Interop 2022 effort, finding gaps in coverage, would love to see some movement here as well]

Patrick: excellent, thank you for joining. We'll keep it short and sweet, but I'll make sure to set myself a proper alarm for the next meeting in 2 weeks' time

Summary of action items

  1. Mustaq to look at 11.1, rough out a diagram, and Patrick to review
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