Maturity Model

18 May 2022


Fazio_, JakeAbma, janina, maryjom, nadine_, Sheri_B-H
Fazio, Sheri BH

Meeting minutes

<jlkline> here

Check in with Janina on procedural issues, progress, pressing issues, etc.

Janina: we are all good on procedural updates, no confusion about zoom or meeting access

need to update the Wiki and link it to APA

Janina: do we want to use calendar? One group does, but there are accessibility issues. We need to decide

David: MaryJo wanted it on calendar

Janina: accessibility issues in the calendar is on the authoring side so if David is good, we can use it

David taking the action item to get regular meeting on calendar, will work with Janina on the side

Janina: Google doc cleanup is going well, we need to move it to Git before TPAC

Janina: plus get it out as FPWD

<Fazio_> apa-ACTION-2325: Draft a cfc for an accessibility endpoint on the reporting api spec due 2022-06-01 https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/track/actions/2325

MM team will be able to vote on https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/track/actions/2325 since we are now members of APA

Check in on document editing

MM Working Doc

David made a fresh copy of the google doc so people can edit directly

<Fazio_> New Google Doc Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Lc4BwK7IKlcQVL9HalrtvrdwZzeVRyn35CbmftiX3Qw/edit?usp=sharing

MaryJo: volunteered to get document into Github, Sheri volunteered her intern to help (she's starting in June)

MaryJo asked for list of gremlins (like ampersand and quote conversion) Janina has it bookmarked and will provide it offline

Sheri to add warning to top of old document "This is not the most recent version, here is the current link"


Janina: need to figure out which cross-subgroup meetings MM needs. APA frequently checks in with I18N for example, and there is a request to check in with Pronunciation

David: Do all TPAC participants need to be W3C members?

Janina: People need to register, especially if they need support. In terms of participation, most are open, a few are closed, any chair has the perogative to invite anyone they want

New Issues

New Issues

MaryJo - are we meeting in person?

<maryjom> +1

<Fazio_> +1

<janina> +1

<JakeAbma> +1

Most meeting participants said pandemic willing, they will be there in person


Janina: what type of meeting do we want to have

David/Sheri: We did present an abstract version at TPAC last year

Janina: this is why we need a FPWD before TPAC so we can gather support.

Janina: There is a new status as of 11/21, if we really think this is a BP and should be more than an APA note what we need to do is make it a W3C statement after it is final (like SAUR - Synchronization Accessibility User Requirements)

David: We've gotten over basic objections to whether MM should exist in W3C or not

Janina: MM should not compete with ISO 30071

Janina: The fact that we are thinking of building a DB based tool so companies can generate reports on the fly is super powerful

David: We'll figure out the TPAC application when they open.

Janina: because it's mid-september applications will probably come out in late June or early July

David: also submitting TPAC proposal on apprenticeship, they can piggyback off one another

Jeff: when are we going to start talking about the tooling?

Sheri: when the narrative is a little more solid

Jeff: Jeff has a preference for downloadable, rather than SaaS/Database, he thinks people are more likely to use that

Sheri: it will take multiple sessions to work this all out


will continue conversations, will take multiple meetings.

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