Maturity Model

11 May 2022


Fazio, janina, maryjom, nadine_

Meeting minutes

Check in with Jeanne and Janina on sorting out group ID and zoom

janina: Everyone needs to follow public-rqtf mailing list to receive the weekly agenda

janina: If you have not received anything from this list, send an email to ran@w3.org

maryjom: The old calendar invite was cancelled by Sheri. We need to either create a new invitation using the W3C method or a reminder for members to create their own invite.

Fazio: I will make sure there's a reminder that goes out or an invite.

janina: APA members tend to have issues with the W3C calendar invite, but if this group wants to do it that way it's ok.

maryjom: The new meeting details can be found here: https://www.w3.org/2017/08/telecon-info_maturity-model

We Check in with Sheri on document language change to US English

Fazio: Sheri said she was done with her tasks on the document.

Fazio: The switch of the document to U.S. English from U.K. English is done.

maryjom: However, the changes to the Glossary we had gone over was supposed to get accepted, but this was not done.

Fazio: I will contact Shari to get that done.

Check in with Mary Jo on grammar review

maryjom: I did not complete my grammar review, as Silver work with Jeanne took precedence this week.

maryjom: I promise to finish grammar review by next week.

maryjom: I have entered a lot of comments on the side which haven't been cleared out. I understand that David will start going through those.

Fazio: Yes, I need to do that. Noticed those comments and will start working on them.

Check in with Sheri on adding generic sentence to each dimension “Training programs have been established and ongoing to ensure necessary skills for this dimension”

maryjom: We had talked last week about that where training is a bullet /proof point where all dimensions will fail if the training isn't done.

janina: Yes, we can hyperlink to training and have this pointer from each. dimension (with the clause).

<maryjom> s/into each/from each/

maryjom: I can add that sentence with my editing.

Check in with Mary Jo on capitalization of defined terms

maryjom: That is done.

Fazio: Next steps: We should all continue the editing, adding the clause, and addressing comments this week.

Fazio: Once we finish the technical edits, we can move everything into GitHub.

maryjom: There is an original port of the document into GitHub, started by Jeanne and completed by me. I didn't know how to add Glossary and some other contstructs.

janina: Roy or Michael can get on a call to help us with that.

maryjom: You'll note there is a missing Figure 1 in the document that is supposed to be a visual of the structure of the maturity model that is missing.

Fazio: I'll eliminate the reference to the figure.

maryjom: In the absence of a figure, the bullets that "describe" it are not complete enough.

maryjom: I will suggest better text to describe the structure of the maturity model.

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Succeeded: s/into each/from each.

Failed: s/into each/from each/