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29 March 2022


Francis, jeanne, Wilco
Francis, Wilco

Meeting minutes

FS: Reminder of the meeting next week with Scoping. Invites went out.
… April 6 at noon ET
… review the work we are doing in prep for the meeting

WCAG3: Natural Language of Text <- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1onytB133NRc1EXEOVPizcOqeTi70r2JUcba-LgUyKEY/

WCAG3: Pronunciation of Text <- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-c96lQsQq1jgdDKo4C9GaWEj7cVoxDdCvtLPvqCOBBE/

Procunciation of Text is the new version. It is a more refined version of Natural Language of Text.

WF: we can copy over much of the Method from Natural Language
… we only have one method

JS: Didn't we plan to have another method on User agent automatic language detection for text
… on mobile

WF: It applies to any user agent. Google is developing it for Chrome.

[added to Pronunciation doc]

Revised Method template <- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l8iM8QSfzSkeRwJ6X9iArakrlYRc7oPKVfg1GxvCJ6Y/edit

JS: Tabs are:
… Introduction
… Background
… Examples
… Tests
… Glossary

FS: Shouldn't Introduction and Background be merged?

WF: Background is long

JS: and Background is mostly of interest to standards people, not devs

New Method: HTML lang attribute indicates the language of text <- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MjmGLfmqcfLgauqg0C3dRZG6KYT2dy5BQ69sz4xet6Q/

WF: What about failed example for an individual word (instead of a block of text)? We only said it is required for blocks of text.
… example: Croissant marked up as lang="de". Should that fail?

JS: Yes, it is like incorrect ARIA. Whereever it is, it should fail.

WF: We should add that example to the edge cases.

WF: Failing for doing it incorrectly when we don't fail for doing nothing.
… it makes it more complex.

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Succeeded: s/Yes, it/Yes, it is like incorrect ARIA. Whereever it is, it should fail.

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