Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

23 March 2022


jasonjgw, SteveNoble

Meeting minutes

Synchronization Accessibility User Requirements.

jasonjgw: Timed Text has been pinged; still looking for a response

jasonjgw: One editorial note is left about a summary

janina: Need to confirm if we need a formal CfC for a second wide review

jasonjgw: keep the email exchanges about announcements going

jasonjgw: We should do our own review at this point as well

jasonjgw: We can come back to this next week for a resolution for publishing

Accessibility of Remote Meetings.

jasonjgw: Reviewed document and made some editorial changes in a branch

jasonjgw: Tried to clarify the text and made a few editorial corrections

jasonjgw: Will merge those changes if no objections

janina: No objections to the merge

janina: What about timing?

jasonjgw: Give some time for review and publish after the SAUR

janina: How long of a review period for this and the SAUR - we need to decide on that

jasonjgw: Probably at least 4 weeks and maybe 6, but let's decide next week

Review of draft ethical machine learning consultation document.

jasonjgw: Request was made for comments on the draft

jasonjgw: Refers to UNESCO position and makes an extension to W3C

jasonjgw: A meeting is planned for discussion but date has not been set

janina: We need to be sure to pull in Jutta Treviranus on this discussion

jasonjgw: Even defining what fairness means in the context of machine learning is complex and disability has not been widely considered

jasonjgw: There are other types of biases which have received more attention in the literature, but disability bias is a complex area

janina: Our goal should be to find some way to influence the development of AI so that disability bias does not get introduced

jasonjgw: The primary guidance so far is to include people with disability in every step of the development process

jasonjgw: Should note that even if bias is not initially ingrained in the development, machine learning can become biased as it is deployed and "learns" biased information

jasonjgw: We have not seen much regulatory interest in this so far

jasonjgw: Bias is of course problematic in human judgement as well; some propose that machine learning could be employed to limit such biases

Natural Language Interface Accessibility User Requirements.

jasonjgw: Continuing work on open issues

jasonjgw: Josh merged the changes he was working on last week

jasonjgw: Let's get back to this next week

Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA.

janina: A meeting is planned with CloudFare later today

jasonjgw: Work of the Fido Corporation as discussed in a paper (will share with list)

jasonjgw: Proposes cryptographic keys that follow the user on any device they access

Miscellaneous topics.

jasonjgw: The maturity model work is being organized

jasonjgw: As mentioned on the mailing list, the APA GitHub repository has been reorganized

janina: The COGA work plan is up for CfC

janina: Daylight Savings Time for Europe comes into play next week

Other comments??

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