WoT Use Cases

08 March 2022


Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_Lagally, Tomoaki_Mizushima

Meeting minutes



Lagally: (goes through the minutes)



Lagally: (goes through the minutes)


Use Cases repo

updated Note

Lagally: updated Note has been published
… wondering about the editorial changes for publication

Kaz: still need to create a PR to apply them to the main branch

Lagally: (goes through the published version)

Kaz: note that the latest template doesn't have the "Previous version" link
… but has "History" link instead
… to see all the previous version docs at once

History link

Lagally: ok
… have you sent out an announcement to the group lists?

Kaz: yes

Lagally: wondering about the next step
… do we want to get dormant for a while?
… or continue the discussion?
… don't have an immediate answer myself at the moment

Kaz: there was discussion about sync/async actions and cancellation of actions during the Scripting call yesterday
… and I strongly suggested we as the WoT WG as a whole should clarify concrete use cases and scenarios for that purpose before starting separate discussion within each TF (TD, Scripting, Architecture, etc.)

Lagally: completely agree
… note that the use case template has sections on security and privacy as well as the basic description
… how should we proceed?
… should create some table?
… currently, we list all the use cases based on the roles
… for example, we can create a separate MD to clarify the coverage of the use cases by the specs

Kaz: maybe we should see the coverage of the requirements too

Lagally: yeah
… but would start with use cases first
… (tries to generate a table to describe the coverage of the use cases and requirements)
… Use Cases, Architecture, Thing Description, Profile, Discovery, Scripting API, Binding Templates
… then Requirement reference

MD explaining the coverage of use cases

actual table of the coverage

Lagally: the question is how to check all the use cases
… (copies all the use case sections from the Use Cases Note to the CSV file)
… would like to present this CSV file during the main call tomorrow

Next steps

Lagally: how to deal with the Use Cases calls?

Kaz: it depends on the proposed use cases
… given ECHONET, OPC UA, Takenaka, etc., are getting more and more interested in WoT, I think there is a possibility we'll get some more advanced use cases

Lagally: ok

Kaz: we should have further discussion during the main call, the Editors call and the Chairs call

Lagally: if ECHONET, etc., are willing to provide their new use cases, please let me know

Kaz: ok


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