Silver Reliability Teleconference

01 Mar 2022


Francis, Wilco, Daniel


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Presneting to Silver

Wilco: Present the text, the definitions, and the use cases
... Beign explicit that this is about text-to-speech
... the rationale and whether or not the group agrees that this is a good direction to take

Daniel: People may ask about more granular lagnauge parts. Do we want to say that this is not part of this method but may be pa rt of future ones?

Wilco: Sounds good to me

Francis: Do we trim down the rest of the document that we are not presenting?

Wilco: Let's split from the ACT rules part onwards

Francis: Also trimming the test tab, the background, the bibliography, and the assumptions
... Also get rid of the last section "soundness of requirements"

Daniel: Wiki or Google Docs? What's preferred?

Wilco: Either of those would work.

Francis: I reached JEanne, I did not hear from her

DAniel: Let's figure out permissions and document location later. It's good as long as everybody can access it

Wilco: I would like to get the groups agreement if we want to proceed with this narrow version where we look at specific assistive technology features
... Basically to be sure people agrees with us getting only into text-to-speech
... "Pronunciation of text" as a short hand for correct pronunciation of text
... "Pronuncation of text" would be the requirement

Daniel: I would agree for the title to restrict in accordance with the rest of the document

[Participants work on the document]

Daniel: Individual Words (don’t require language change) not sure if we should prase this like that, there might be other metohds /outcomes requiring this and we have had comments in the past asking for those
... I would feel comfortable saying we have not found examples to provide consistent ways of testing language at a word level + the pronunciation may be also affected by speech synthesizer dictionaries which goes beyond appropriate markup

Next Steps

Wilco: Work on text language, define terms, simplify where you can
... I think we've done quite a bit of these
... If we get agreement form silver we could proceed to step 5, HOwtos and Methods

Francis: Good.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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