Silver Reliability

22 Feb 2022


Francis, Daniel, Wilco


<Francis_Storr> https://www.craigabbott.co.uk/blog/using-the-language-attribute-to-make-your-website-accessible

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[Group discusses Latin language as an exception]

Wilco: I did rewrote most of this
... Let's get rid of the second one
... I think this new second exception needs to be aproper sentence
... And do we want to use a Hindi language instead of Peru?

Francis: We could do

Wilco: What if there is not an installed voice but you can get a third party extension?
... Make sure all accessibility supported voices are used

Francis: Maybe it is not voices, it more language packs
... What if there is a male voice but user wants a female voice

Wilco: The technology to pronounce the words is not available

Daniel: Speech synthesizer may be the word. Whether it's female or male voice matters less as long as there is a synthesizer capable of handling the pronunciation

[Wilco writes examples in the document]

Wilco: Maybe we don't want examples in normative language, probably will put these in notes instead

[Writing of edge cases for exceptions when there is not an available synthesizer]

Francis: I am assuming there is a correct language code for that language

Wilco: There probably is
... For our example it is BGZ

Francis: For this do we wnat a page written, a block written?

Wilco: I don't think it matters
... Should we mention organizations that do not consider this accessibility supported? That is a separate use case, isn't it?

Francis: We don't seem to have this

Wilco: We need to write that. It is a block edge case
... Do we want to use a different language?

Francis: We could. Let's put that one for now

[Wilco writes this edge case]

Wilco: In this case we want the screen reader to use the default synthesizer

Francis: What if there is a language different than the default before the one for which there is not support? Should the screen reader go back to the default?

Wilco: Is it a decission screen readers should make?
... Some screen readers go back to the page default language, some go back to their default standard language
... Do we care which one they use?
... In that scenario the user may need to take a decision. it seems to me both should be accepted
... That is a screen reader specific thing. The thing for those if that they get pronounced with whatever language. What is not acceptable is for them to not be pronounced at all
... I would like to refine the "user's choice of language" wording
... Maybe something like "In the following cases, the user's choice of language must be used"

[Refinements to "the user's choice of language"]

Wilco: Do we want to take this to Silver?

Francis: I think so

Wilco: We've progressed a lot since we last talked to them
... Maybe we can pick some of the things and put them on a separate document

Francis to talk to Jeanne to create a blank document to put the relevant info for Silver

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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