Spoken Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

09 February 2022


Dee, Irfan, janina, SteveNoble__

Meeting minutes


based upon the survey, it appears that most of the members are agreed to have a call at 12PM EST wednesday

janina: will get it adjusted.

<janina> term: heteronym

mhakkinen: regarding TPAC. if we can have enough people to join face to face is ideal.

janina: TPAC is on 12-16 September in vancouver

mhakkinen: from the ETS side, we are putting a plan in action to participate in TPAC

mhakkinen: ICCHP is taking place in norther Italy in July. there are option to propose some sessions. If anyone is interested to have a session about the pronunciation work, will be nice.

mhakkinen: European have a wide range of audience and having a session could be very helpful

mhakkinen: we can put out another poll listening the SSML functionality and rank them based upon the priority.

janina: we should acknowledge their concern.

mhakkinen: may me we can do a survey with the function

Irfan: will create a survey

mhakkinen: we can do a refresh in our technical approach document

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