Spoken Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

19 January 2022


ADR, irfanA, janina, PaulG, Roy, Sam, SteveNoble_

Meeting minutes

Agenda Review & Announcements

APA will hear a proposal to move their meeting to this timeslot so Roy can support. We may need to move Pronunciation in response.

janina: Michael will move to focus more on AGWG

Roy: it will take some time to change everything over.

Roy: it won't change until next month.

janina: discussion emerged in Silver about the importance of lang attribute inline.

janina: https://www.w3.org/2022/01/14-silver-minutes.html#t03

janina: I'm inviting them to have a discussion with us.

we may want to review and refresh any use cases in preparation

janina: they may want to have the discussion relatively soon

janina: WCAG3 is slated for 2026

Action Items

Github Issues


irfan responded


janina: I'm not sure the current behavior for AT to transform a date based on locale is preferred.

irfanA: I'll make a markdown page for roman numeral examples

I'll make a markdown page for time and datetime examples

as a group, we can evaluate the strengths/weaknesses of each idea

Other Business

mhakkinen: I'm working on the AITA presentation. I'll review it with Peter. I'm going to try to recruit some new folks to our group.

I'd like to try to recruit a linguist as well.


This is good context for our discussion with AGWG


Dee: we need to allow some way for authors to control pronunciation until we have this figured out. Particularly in assessments.

<janina> German word for girl is neuter gender because it is the diminutive of the older word for "maid."

context clues come from spellings and pronunciations which we can accommodate from phoneme

janina: disambiguating a single word has valid use.


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