11 January 2022



Meeting minutes

Francis: No action items from last week.

<dmontalvo> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1onytB133NRc1EXEOVPizcOqeTi70r2JUcba-LgUyKEY/edit#heading=h.y5p1v6vmgi1x

Francis: Sent an e-mail to WAI IG about language. Had a few replies, including one from Janina on pronunciation.
… Don't think there is much we can use now.
… Got a private response with some points, but more or less where we ended up. There isn't much solid research. It's more individual preferences.
… The list of edge cases is still something to work though.

<jeanne> +1

Wilco: This takes me back to ensuring blocks have languages indicated, and not worry about individual words. If we get pushback, that's the feedback we need.

Jeanne: Suggest we then separate the edge cases based on blocks and individual words.

Francis: ... Working to sort the edge cases.

<jeanne> "A block-level element always starts on a new line and takes up the full width available (stretches out to the left and right as far as it can)." MDN

Wilco: How about isolated links, like a link in the top-right corner to a different language version

<dmontalvo> He said bonjour, and everybody realized he was not French.

Wilco: I think anything that starts a new line after it is a block. Paragraphs, list items, etc.

Francis: Happy enough to put that out there and get the feedback

Daniel: Every screen reader user will give a different answer

Daniel: Maybe we need to dive a bit more into the paragraph structure. You have sentences, words, characters.

Francis: Are too many language changes actually a problem?

Jeanne: It's anicdata. Being conservative means not requiring anything we don't have good data about.

Wilco: I wonder if we should check in with AG, let them know the direction we're thinking of and ask what they feel about that.

Jeanne: Suggest we bring this to Silver.

Wilco: I can bring the question up in Silver

Francis: Do we want to show examples?

Wilco: I have the document, I can read from that, don't think we need to share that.

Francis: For next week I'll go through the document and figure out where we need to make changes

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