Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

15 December 2021


janina_, jasonjgw, John_Paton, SteveNoble

Meeting minutes

Forthcoming publication of CAPTCHA Note.

jasonjgw: Captcha note still on track for tomorrow

Synchronization Accessibility User Requirements.

jasonjgw: Josh has reformatted the bibliography

jasonjgw: We will still need to go back and alter the inline cotations

jasonjgw: Still working on some open issues

<Joshue108_> SN: No big things to add, but I've worked out how to navigate Github

<Joshue108_> SN: Thanks Jason for support

<Joshue108_> SN: Seems to be a sophisticated oven to make toast

<Joshue108_> JOC: Likes the image

<Joshue108_> SN: Am hoping to wrap up the writing on an issues - one from Nigel

<Joshue108_> Recommendations for UA/Authors on thresholds - hope to write that up shortly

<Joshue108_> The rest can wait till next year

<Joshue108_> JS: Can we publish in the new year?

<Joshue108_> SN: Definitely

<Joshue108_> Am working on wrapping up a project this week, then in Jan, I'll finish up the remaining issues

<Joshue108_> JW: Sounds good

<Joshue108_> JW: Any other comments?

<Joshue108_> JS: Happy to see this move along

Accessibility of remote Meetings.

jasonjgw: Remote meeting work is progressing - received one additional issue by email

jasonjgw: Also received input from COGA - lots of comments, but not in GitHub

jasonjgw: COGA comments are in a separate documents

scott: working through these comments

scott: Should we go over COGA comments?

jasonjgw: Anyone else read the commenst?

janina_: Not here. But we can wait for COGA to create issues in GitHub

scott: Would be happy to read through their document

scott: How do we get notice for issues?

janina_: GitHub has a method to subscribe to issues. Should be just a checkbox.

jasonjgw: Can help be adding comments once the issues are in GitHub

scott: I can look through the COGA document and pull out the issues

jasonjgw: Some of the issues may be easily resolved

jasonjgw: What about February for this?

scott: Sounds good

janina_: May need a second call for comments

Natural Language Interface Accessibility User Requirements.

jasonjgw: Comments have been submitted by COGA - rather extensive

jasonjgw: Anyone else look at these?

jasonjgw: A range of comments...but it will help to get into GitHub

jasonjgw: May be a draft or two from final

Joshue108_: can look at the COGA documents and parse for GitHub

Joshue108_: Will need to wait to early next year

jasonjgw: Will be happy to comment on the issues and provide feedback

Miscellaneous topics.

jasonjgw: Judy is looking into the flash mitigation issue, but nothing down yet

jasonjgw: Additional issues or comments?

Joshue108_: Where are the COGA issues?

jasonjgw: They linked to a document they created

jasonjgw: Thanks to all for the great work this year

Raja: This has been great to work with everyone

<Joshue108_> happy holidays Raja - great to have you on board

janina_: Next meeting is January 5

jasonjgw: We have been a productive team with lots of publications

Holiday wishes all around

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