30 November 2021



Meeting minutes



Francis: so we come up with examples / edge cases first

Jeanne: We had some good examples from ACT rules. Invalid subtags, foreign words that are part of vernacular

Wilco: Is stroopwafel in the dictionary?

Francis: It is not

Jeanne: What was the way internationalisation called human language?

Wilco: natural language, I believe

Francies: What about pronunciation, like "resume"

Wilco: I think that is in the same sphere of issues

Wilco: Germanic languages, pausing on English words if those are marked up, they can make it harder to understand

Jeanne: I don't think we'd want to ban it, as technologies improve

Wilco: For languages that are close to pronunciation, switching voice can hurt comprehension more than not using a language switch

Wilco: How strict do we want to be?

Francis: We might ask COGA.

Wilco: We could go very strict, and rely on WCAG having error tolerance

Wilco: It sounds like we have a "middle" category, not a definite pass, not a definite fail

Jeanne: Would the next step be to create examples of them?

Wilco: Yeah, I think we should write these out in code

Francis: Examples we have now all came from ACT
… What do we do about these edge cases?

Jeanne: We can ask the research task force if they have cases for that.
… We can ask Jason White about how often is too often, is there research on when you should and when you shouldn't change language

Francis: I can send that e-mail

Wilco: What about misspelled words. Those hinder comprehension in the same way that words that have multiple pronunciations do.

Francis: We have a number of edge cases here. I can ask Jason about them.
… Where we are on the process; we have examples, can we put them in the pass / fail / inapplicable categories?

Wilco: Have we decided where they all fit in?

Wilco: Regional languages, I'm not sure they matter for comprehension. ACT hasn't found any that do.

Francis: Multiple versions of Spanish?

Jeanne: I think Jason would be the right person to ask, ask him as the chair of the research TF. Is there research of what to do about these things?

Francis: For next week, I'll e-mail Jason, see what comes back. Then I'll draft something for the edge cases.

Wilco: We could do with a few more examples of regional language tags

Jeanne: We could separate the edge cases from the examples. I don't know that the edge cases would go in the examples

Wilco: I would want them there

Francis: I think they should. If we can put stuff in the right category it would help

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