MiniApps CG Call

18 November 2021


Canfeng_Chen, Changhao_Liang, Dan_Zhou, martin, xfq, xiaoqian
Qing, Zitao

Meeting minutes

Dan_Zhou: Many people are not here today. Do we have anything to discuss?

martin: I don't have any topic

xiaoqian: I heard from the Team that a few browser vendors were concerned about our UI component proposal
… they would like to learn more about our UI components vs. Web components
… maybe in the future we can write an explainer and start a TAG review
… we can discuss when Zitao is here because he is the editor of this propoosal

martin: totally agree
… we have to define a way to create these components
… if we don't follow the web components approach, we need to justify

xiaoqian: Canfeng, in TPAC, you mentioned that Xiaomi is interested in continue discussing widgets

Canfeng_Chen: widget requirements is in the WG, about the new widgets technical document, we haven't started it yet

Canfeng_Chen: according to the charter of the WG the widget requirement will be published this year

xiaoqian: we can produce a group note
… which is not a standard

Dan_Zhou: MiniApp Addressing is also a note
… is there anything else we can discuss today?

Next CG meeting: 16 December 2021, 12:00 -> 13:00 UTC

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