Presenter: Ada Rose Cannon
Duration: 2 min

This demo introduces new features of WebXR: hit-testing, lighting estimation, depth sensing API, XR anchors and WebXR Navigation.

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Hi Ada Rose Cannon co-chair of the Immersive Web Working Group Today I'm going to introduce some of the new features of WebXR.

This demo is to show off hit-testing and lighting estimation.

These virtual object can be placed on floors, walls and other physical objects in the environment.

The lighting-estimation API enables us to have accurate shadows and reflections on shiny objects.

The API detects the light source and the shadows are accurate to the real world.

The depth sensing API lets these virtual rabits be occluded behind this real piece of furniture.

The next demo uses the hit-testing api to place these points for the roller coaster: each point generates an XR anchor which will track that real world position.

When the XR anchors get updated, the 3D model will be adjusted accordingly to maintain an accurate world tracking.

Next is WebXR navigation - this lets you travel between pages without leaving Virtual Reality.

This is an essential ability for the Web but provides unique challenges in the case of Virtual Reality.

This final demo by Autodesk shows how VR can enable distant people to work together in the same environment.

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you enjoy WebXR in the future.


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