Web Apps Working Group updates and demos

Presenter: Marcos Caceres
Duration: 2 min

A review of how specifications developed by the Web Applications Working Group allows to build Web applications that integrate better with their computing environment.

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WebApps Working Group, TPAC 2021 WebShare API, Share anything!

On you are able to share a tweet with any of the available sharable apps.

For instance, on MacOS you can share to a note.

Intersection observer API allows for dynamic infinite scrolling, which was difficult to do using traditional javascript techniques.

The WebApps manifest allows you to install web applications.

For instance, you can add twitter directly to the Home Screen of a device, and then launch it like a regular application.

The Gamepad API allows you to connect to controllers such as the Sony Dual Sense controller, allowing you to play games online and create different multimedia experiences.

The pointer lock API gives access to raw mouse movements, making it ideally suited for creating 3D games.

The Push API allows web applications to subscribe to push services to receive push notifications.

The ARIA in HTML Specification, defines rules for validators such as the W3C's own markup validator.

This allows authors to check if they are using aria roles correctly within their markup.

Indexed DB provides a powerful object-store based database for web applications, allowing for deeply nested javascript structures to be stored directly and persistently in the browser.

The working group is also working on a File API, for files in the browser.

An Image Resource API, for image resource data.

Screen orientation lock API.

And UI Events, which provides mouse and click events.

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