ARIA Editors

13 October 2021


James_Nurthen, Matt_King, MichaelC

Meeting minutes



not applicable to APG

it´s not working on our repos, need it unblocked


might try re-running after respec fixes recently deployed

MC to try tomorrow

Glossary project


terms credited to aria-common will be / have been moved to other sources

putting all the terms in one place might be difficult

want to avoid overlaps and conflicts

though can be ok for specs to have their own definitions

as long as there aren´t massive conflicts

maybe just look for those?

defining terms in a single spec, rather than common repo, gives a single source for others to use

terms are being collected to https://github.com/w3c/webref/

ones used by non-ARIA specs need the most attention potentially

so we need to triage the list to important ones that need common def, and which spec should own it

and some terms may be better defined in place rather than made into glossary terms

we could also purge some of these terms

including ones already in webref

when looking at terms, need to know if they´re normative



question came up about changing to Software and Document License

the browsers support it

as we use IDL, that´s software, so people need to be able to use that

changing the license could trigger new AC review

but we might get FO if not

should CfC this in the group

can do before it goes to W3M and AC

APG Status

Prepping for one final TR publication

ideally in November

final publication needs to have reference to the WAI site location

if not ready in November, we might do a retiring publication later

don´t wait on ARIA at this point

it´s stable enough for APG

targeting 15 November

have the branch ready by 8 November

1.2 Status

still no estimate on new CR

discuss issues at TPAC

1.3 Status

don´t wanna publish until after 1.2

even though we could

so back burner

DPub-ARIA status

Plan CfC for DPub-AAM

DPub-ARIA ready, will publish them together

MDN documentation opportunities


there´s some aria stuff

(W3C and MDN have been collaborating on this)

some of the APG redesign is to move content there

to fill gaps they have

drop item 8

Next meeting

<MichaelC> Next meeting: 10 November 2021

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