The Publishing Community at W3C will present its next public educational open meeting on Tuesday, 14 September, 2021 from 14:00-15:00am UTC.  If you wish to participate in the live discussion, please download the calendar invitation.  Attendance is free and open to all.

The format will be open discussion and Q&A with W3C experts moderated by Tzviya Siegman. Representatives from the W3C’s EPUB 3 Working Group, Publishing Business and Publishing Community Groups, as well as Web Accessibility Content Guidelines 3.0 Working Group have pre-recorded video presentations for viewing in advance of the webinar. We will open the floor to questions about the videos or other topics related to our work in these groups. We are eager to hear your feedback on our work as well as what happens after EPUB 3.3 is published.

Please watch the following videos before the live discussion session:

  1. What's New for Accessible Publishing In 2021 by Avneesh Singh
  2. Accessibility Metadata by Charles LaPierre and Gregorio Pellegrino
  3. Towards an accessible digital publishing ecosystem by Cristina Mussinelli
  4. Developing WCAG 3.0 by Jeanne Spellman
  5. Fixed Layout EPUB Accessibility by Ken Jones
  6. Publishing Community Group Overview & Participation by Mateus Teixeira and Zheng Xu
  7. W3C Audiobooks Specification by Wendy Reid

Live session recording