Second Screen Working Group PAG Charter

The mission of the Second Screen Working Group Patent Advisory Group (PAG) is to study issues and propose solutions related to patents and claims disclosed and excluded by Apple, Inc. regarding the Open Screen Protocol from the Second Screen Working Group. Learn more about this PAG.


The Second Screen Working Group PAG has the scope to:


This PAG is chartered to recommend to the W3C Director a path forward following the identified disclosures. The recommendations must be chosen from among the options in section section 7.5.1 of the Patent Policy:

  1. The initial concern has been resolved, enabling the Working Group to continue.
  2. The Working Group should be instructed to consider designing around the identified claims.
  3. The Team should seek further information and evaluation, including and not limited to evaluation of the patents in question or the terms under which W3C RF licensing requirements may be met.
  4. The Working Group should abandon the work.
  5. Alternative licensing terms should be considered. The procedure in section 7.5.3 must be followed.


In accordance with section 7.3 of the W3C Patent Policy, the following people are invited to participate in this PAG:

Participation in this PAG (attending meetings, following the mailing list) is expected to require one-half a day per week per participant.


Following a decision at the PAG's 02 September 2021 meeting, the proceedings of PAG meetings will be Member-visible and communicated on the list member-secondscreen-pag@w3.org (member mailing list archive).

This charter, the PAG's recommendations to the W3C Director, and any prior art will be public and communicated on public-secondscreen-pag@w3.org (mailing list archive).


The Second Screen Working Group PAG primarily conducts its work via mailing lists and teleconferences. Exceptionally, the PAG Chair may convene a face-to-face meeting.

The Chair may invite (non-participant) individuals to specific meetings to further the work of the PAG.

About this charter

On 19 August 2021 W3C launched this PAG in accordance to Section 7.1 (PAG Formation) of the Patent Policy and in accordance with the Procedures for Launching and Operating a Patent Advisory Group.

This PAG is chartered through 18 August 2022. The W3C Director may extend the charter.