DPVCG Meeting Call

25 AUG 2021


:, georgK, harsh, markL, paulR, stephenT

Meeting minutes

Expanding Purpose taxonomy

Paul and Beatriz have put together a list on purposes taken from sources including DPA, guidelines, and paul's experience as DPO

based on that, there are additions, changes, and removals to the terms in the spreadsheet

markL will be sharing description/definition of 'context' and 'purpose management'

term CustomerManagement

with children CustomerCare and CRM

term Marketing change - remove concept CommercialInterest due to ambiguity and lack of clarity as a purpose, and thereby Marketing is a top level category

(consensus on CustomerManagement and child concepts)

discussion on what 'commercial' purpose means, whether its a broad category, or an expression of benefits+beneficiary

term RecordManagement

relating to maintaining records as a purpose in itself, or in combination with other purposes (e.g. LegalObligation)

(consensus on term)

term Communication

unclear for how it relates to other purposes and its provenance; shelved for further investigation

term AccountManagement

georgK: guidelines on descriptions e.g. whether to have prefix of sentences with 'to' or not

(consensus on term)

Next meeting

we will meet next Wednesday SEP-01 13:00 WEST / 14:00 CEST

we will continue discussion on purposes

harsh will combine the proposed terms into a common list, generate the diagrammatic representation and share with attendees for comments

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