Web Payments Working Group

19 August 2021


Adrian Hope-Bailie (Coil), Anne Pouillard (Worldline), Bastien Latge (EMVCo), Clinton Allen (American Express), David Benoit, Fawad Nisar (Discover), Gerhard Oosthuizen (Entersekt), Ian Jacobs (W3C), Jean-Michel Girard (Worldline), Jonathan Grossar (Mastercard), Lawrence Cheng (Barclays), Stephen McGruer (Google), Susan Pandy (Discover), Uchi Uchibeke (Coil)
Nick Telford-Reed
Ian Jacobs

Meeting minutes


Draft charter

Action: Susan to review the charter

Action: David to review the charter

Ian: I will hold the CfC until hearing from David and Susan.

Remote meeting during TPAC

Meeting page

PROPOSED: Meet 25-28 Oct 2021

<clinton> +1 (Who knows what else I will be doing)

<smcgruer_[EST]> +1 (same :D)

Ian: Please send agenda suggestions



Ian: So far so good!

FYI: May do press and promotion after test results available (assuming good); aiming for early October

Stephen: Hope to see SPC in Chrome M95, of course subject to change.


Ian: What is status of TAG review of SPC?

Stephen: Field by Danyao about 9 months ago; haven't commented in many months.
… once explainer is updated, I'll reraise with the TAG

Action: Stephen to reraise SPC with the TAG once the explainer has been updated (but independent of FWPD)

Deprecating Basic Card

CfC re: Basic Card

<Anne> ?

Anne: Basic Card is useful as a generic card method.
… is there an alternative planned?

Ian: I had understood we are moving away from browser-stored data to payment apps; that is orthogonal to the data model.

Stephen: The reality of Basic Card was that there was not enough market interest in browser-based basic card. So I think we still have long term vision questions.

Anne: There is a difference between browser-stored and having a standardized data model.

Gerhard: I agree. The contract between a merchant and a card issuer...having a standard pattern is useful. It doesn't have to be basic card. It can be token + expiry date + cryptogram.
… that could be very helpful.
… doesn't need to be implemented in Chrome.
… what we've seen with SPC is that there is more uptake as a small problem compared to the "large problem" addressed by PR API and PH API.
… I'd like to see us explore another "small topic"...tokenized pan + expiry data + cryptogram



<Gerhard> +1

<clinton> +1 brainstorm is good.

Action: Ian to coordinate a discussion on tokenized payment format (and reach out to Anne, Gerhard, Clinton, Adrian)

Web Monetization Workshop Recap

AdrianHB: Web Monetization is being incubated. Coil introduced this about 2 years ago. It's being incubated in the WICG.


AdrianHB: How it works:

* Payment pointer goes in HTML header as wallet address to receive payment

* Payments are done in the background from a web monetization provider (wallet); this is currently implemented as a browser extension
… lots of experimentation over the past year
… there is a "Grant" fund to support experimentation

Grant for the Web
… and there was a developer workshop a couple of weeks ago
… Uchi Uchibeke (Coil head of dev rel) will tell us the highlights

Uchi: One observation is we should use <link> instead of <meta> for payment pointers
… we are also simplifying the event model (2 instead of 3)
… another interesting topic was branding
… logo today has $ but we are going to work on internationalization and branding
… we may need a Web Monetization brand so that web sites can clearly communicate they accept payments through that method
… Next steps after workshop: (1) spec update (2) implementation of web monetization in browser (3) rafiki open source project
… we are looking to use Browser Scholar problem to foster web monetization on more browsers.
… I mentioned Grant for the Web to help fund sponsor projects related to web monetization

Rafiki project

Uchi: Rafiki project shows power of ILP

Web Monetization spec

[Demos that were shown at the workshop]

[First demo shows two wallets interacting with page in parallel]


AdrianHB: As a reminder, Web Monetization intends to be an open standard; suggest watching some showcases.
… use cases include low-friction payments, accessing premium payments, and other use cases that would be facilitated by having low-value payment support built into the browser
… if you are interested, see the Web Incubator CG

Community discussion

AdrianHB: Web Monetization is close to some other use cases (e.g., digital goods)
… are there people here interested in these use cases, and should web Monetization come to this group when and if it's time to standardize?
… that's a question on our mind and we welcome input.

Next meeting

2 September

Summary of action items

  1. Susan to review the charter
  2. David to review the charter
  3. Stephen to reraise SPC with the TAG once the explainer has been updated (but independent of FWPD)
  4. Ian to coordinate a discussion on tokenized payment format (and reach out to Anne, Gerhard, Clinton, Adrian)
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