Spoken Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

12 May 2021


ADR, Dee, JF, mhakkinen, paul_grenier, Roy
Irfan, Stephen Noble

Meeting minutes

<JF> the feedback I got: "Content validation would be easier with an embedded SSML model, but not insurmountable via JSON path. Similar for epub generation. Summary: could go either way, but as noted, with a (historical) preference for not mixing JSON into an XML workflow."

Team reports some feedback about not including JASON in the XML.

Agenda Review & Announcements

Paul: Reviewed agenda.

Janina: We need ETS's vote on the APA Charter.

Mark: It is ready to go.

CfC Update and Feedback

Janina: CFC is open through midnight tonight (Boston time). Only messages of support.

Paul: Feedback that came in late, specifically from Janina, issue with receiving email

Janina: Fine to deal with feedback later. Summary, concern that the examples should appear at the end and not at top. Also need clean comparison of approaches at a high level. Can do this in a subsequent draft.

Janina: Examples at end after normative pieces.

Paul: This is not the final form. We will have the opportunity to make updates.

Team will ensure that feedback comments are on the list.

Janina: One comment went to the APA admin list.

Paul: Comment was logged in github.

<paul_grenier> https://github.com/w3c/pronunciation/issues/83

Janina: correction, comment is not in the APA admin list.

Mark: Is there anything coming from the COGA group?

Janina: Responded to COGA and pointed them toward use cases and gap anlayis.

Paul: Will remind COGA in APA meeting today.

Marketing and Socializing FPWD

Paul: There were discussions about upcoming conferences.

JF: We should have a clear idea of our pitch. Need at least an outline.

JF: Educause and Accessing Higher Ground.

Mark: Submitted to IMS Learning Impact conference in October

JF: Can we repurpose the IMS submission for other conferences?

Mark: It may be more specific to IMS audience, but pieces could be suitable. Alternately, if other content is developed, it could be incorporated into IMS presentaiton.

Mark: ATIA should be high on our list.

JF: Put together a synopsis and outline so that we are ready to respond to calls for submissions for conferences.

Mark: Educause would be good.

<JF> Educause 2021: The call for proposals will open on April 15 and close on May 10.

Janina: We can use W3C branding. It is up to us to decide our preferred space for collaborating.

<JF> Accessing Higher Ground 2021: Deadline May 12

Educause Conference Dates: October 26-29, 2021

Mark: Need to ensure coverage for fees related to conferences.

Action: paul_grenier to investigate slidy

<trackbot> Error finding 'paul_grenier'. You can review and register nicknames at <https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/task-forces/pronunciation/track/users>.

<JF> https://www.w3.org/Talks/Tools/Slidy2/#(1)

<mhakkinen> For the record, a presentation by ETS on the pronunciation work has been submitted to IMS Learning Impact 2021 https://www.imsglobal.org/event/li/2021#:~:text=Learning%20Impact%20brings%20together%20leaders,every%20learner%20make%20a%20difference.

JF: Deadline for Educause was Monday and Accessing Higher Ground is today

Action: paul grenier to investigate slidy

<trackbot> 'paul' is an ambiguous username. Please try a different identifier, such as family name or username (e.g., paulbohman, pgrenier).

JF: We may be able to reach out to organizers or members to gain access

Action: pgrenier to investigate slidy

<trackbot> Created ACTION-27 - Investigate slidy [on Paul Grenier - due 2021-05-19].

Action: JF to reach out to Howard Cramer to "hold" a spot (?)

<trackbot> Created ACTION-28 - Reach out to howard cramer to "hold" a spot (?) [on John Foliot - due 2021-05-19].

Paul: we will use the WIKI for tracking conferences

WICG Coordination for Mapping Document

Janina: this may be premature. Don't we need to settle on direction first?

Paul: concepts are not changing. We want to specify what parts of our authored presentation need to be provided to AT.

Janina: Basically a table. Rows include info to communicate, columns are environments

<JF> @mark: Submit an Abstract for ATIA 2022 by June 14

Janina: Table tells implementers what to do.

Janina: We may want to ask ARIA for help with this.

Mark: We need to have technical feedback for the mapping.

Janina: Invite technical experts here.

Janina: suggest reaching out after we have a first public working draft

Janina: If this is a deep technical challenge, we may be able to look for a grant.

Other Business

Janina: Will update announcements.

Action: Janina to update formal notifications based on our FPWD abstract and intro

<trackbot> Created ACTION-29 - Update formal notifications based on our fpwd abstract and intro [on Janina Sajka - due 2021-05-19].

<paul_grenier> https://github.com/w3c/pronunciation/wiki/Socialization

Summary of action items

  1. paul_grenier to investigate slidy
  2. paul grenier to investigate slidy
  3. pgrenier to investigate slidy
  4. JF to reach out to Howard Cramer to "hold" a spot (?)
  5. Janina to update formal notifications based on our FPWD abstract and intro
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