A11Y Functional Needs

08 April 2021


CharlesHall, JakeAbma_, MichaelC
Joshue_O_Connor, Toddy_Libby

Meeting minutes

WBS of user needs

Maybe not ready until we make progress on other things

define user need, intersectional need, context

<CharlesHall> i too have presented on the topic when the list was created: https://bit.ly/functionalneeds

lots of ways to slice and dice the needs

how abstract to get?

user needs, outcomes, functional needs

need examples of what the needs mean

categorizations depend on target group

goals - needs at the level of ¨pay a bill¨

Might want to define abstract user needs, specific user needs, contextual user needs

some specific needs like portrait vs landscape orientation are more like preferences

need to work together on this

have an extended work session

perhaps 2 hours

M or F best days

MC to poll

please prepare questions or proposals for us to go over at that meeting

there are existing definitions, make sure it´s not confusing to have our own

or use different terms

or don´t redefine if we can help it

need to figure out where Robust lives

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