The 1st CJK Meeting on MiniApps, 2021-04-08

🌱 A virtual event with pre-recorded talks and interactive sessions

8 April 2021

05:00 - 07:30 (UTC) What time is it in my timezone?

  • 1:00pm - 3:30pm Beijing, China
  • 2:00pm - 4:30pm Tokyo, Japan
  • 2:00pm - 4:30pm Seoul, South Korea

The meeting consists of pre-recorded talks (with captions in English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean) and live sessions (with real-time spoken interpretation in English/Chinese/Japanese).

Note: our registrant from Korea confirmed that no Korean interpretation is needed.

We encourage you to view the pre-recorded talks and related reference materials prior to the live discussion and we invite you to submit your questions in advance of the live discussion.


See below for the agenda of live sessions.

Meeting Chair: Anqi Li (Alibaba)

Session (UTC) Topic Speaker
05:00-05:10 Welcome & Roundtable [10'] Anqi Li (Alibaba)
05:10-05:40 MiniApps Ecosystem [30']

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Yongqing Dong (Xiaomi), Tengyuan Zhang (Baidu)
05:40-06:10 MiniApps Technical Architecture [30']

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Yongqing Dong (Xiaomi), Tengyuan Zhang (Baidu), Xiongwei Hu (
06:10-06:25 Break ☕️ [15']
06:25-06:45 MiniApps Frameworks [20']

Jiajian Chen (, Hongbao Cui (DCloud)
06:45-07:15 MiniApps in New Scenarios [30']

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Qing An (Alibaba), Xiongwei Hu (
07:15-07:25 MiniApps WG Work Overview [10'] Yongjing Zhang (Huawei)
07:25-07:30 Wrap up [5'] Anqi Li (Alibaba)


IRC, Zoom, simultaneous interpretation channel: will be sent to attendees individually once the registration is valid.

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