Sponsoring the W3C/SMPTE Workshop on Professional Media Production on the Web

W3C and SMPTE are organizing a virtual workshop to connect the web platform and the professional media production communities and explore evolutions of the Web platform to address professional media production requirements.

For more details on the conference, see W3C/SMPTE Workshop on Professional Media Production on the Web.

Sponsoring the W3C/SMPTE Workshop on Professional Media Production on the Web shows leadership and helps move the dialog forward.

Why Sponsor This Workshop?

The cost to hold this virtual workshop includes costs for post-processing the pre-recorded talks (captioning, video/slides synchronization, packaging) and other considerations.

Most of the planning, coordination, agenda building, and writing outcome reports are done for no cost by W3C/SMPTE staff or volunteers. But without sponsorships, these organizations cannot hold workshops.

If you see value in discussing professional media production on the Web, and believe it will help your business, sponsoring is the best way to ensure that this conversation happens, and that you are seen as a leader and a forward-looking enabler of the technical evolution of the Web.

Sponsorship Packages

For this virtual workshop, W3C have one level of sponsorship.

W3C Members get a 25% discount on all sponsorship packages; costs listed reflect the W3C Member discount.

The sponsorship package offers the following considerations:

The deadline for becoming a sponsor is 15 October 2021. Speaker videos, including sponsor logos, will be released on 22 October 2021.

Workshop Sponsorship: 4,000 USD (5,000 USD for non-Members)


Becoming a Sponsor

W3C Workshops, meetups, and other events bring you into direct contact with leading Web technology experts: representatives from industry, research, government, and the developer community.

Whether your interests are focused on a particular topic being discussed by a Working Group, or you wish to reach a diverse international audience setting W3C's strategic direction, sponsorship helps your organization reach W3C's engaged participants.

Sponsorships offset a portion of our meeting costs, so W3C welcomes multiple sponsors for each event. All proposals for sponsorship are subject to W3C approval.

If you're interested in being a sponsor of the W3C/SMPTE Workshop on Professional Media Production on the Web, please contact Karen Myers, Business Development Lead, at <karen@w3.org>.