Web Authentication WG

31 March 2021


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Fontana, Nadalin

Meeting minutes

tony: some issues to close for Recommendation

plh: the thing that is blocking, is update to show we had enough implementation experience
… they are sharing too much code to be separated.
… what do we know about other implementations.
… talking about new features, not anything from first version

akshay: there are two implementations. one complete. tests on mac and chrome
… has ctap 2.1 and other specs
… can test on google chrome on mac
… there is second implementation on windows done at platform layer
… this integration happens on windows - it has yet to happe, but we have tested.
… one is end-to-end, the other needs to complete
… pulbished in gthub
… i am going to update APIs shortly, out in wild

plh: can you make those available

agl: chrome and edge share IDL and the gets turned into other things down the line
… chrome and windows are different in their code.

plh: I can try to sell that to the director

agl: maybe apple gets on board with some APIs.

tony: they are separate, what is issue with director

plh: I think I can make case, we do have 2 implementation.

tony: we can have a separate call on this

phl: I will talk to director
… if they want to meet we can organize a call
… need pointer from github



tony: some open PRs
… discussed last week, but need to close out Rec.
… can move to issues.


… legacy U2F and non-attestation
… goal is no AAguids

agl: i object to this
… we might ned this in the future
… what is the motivation.
… OK for U2F but ban in the future?

JeremyE: trust I place comes from attestation statement

yuriy: I don't fully agree with that.

tony: closee

yuriy: sure

tony: objectons. none


agl: wants to drop feature policy, not inclined to do that. seems bad to open to every iFrame.

Dan: I agree with agl.

agl: I can write a brief answer.

<jericks> I agree with closing it

… remote authentication

tony: shane was working on this.

jbradley: put in answer and close


elundberg: nothing new on this for the week

tony: any other discussion?

tony: adjourn

also: agl, jbradley, akshay,

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