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17 March 2021


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Meeting minutes

Recommendation comment period ends March 26; earliest approval would be the 30th

tony: draft charter put out today. take a look

wendy: some updates i have to make to charter boilerplate.
… there is management and AC review

tony: maybe a month until we have an updatee

wendy: 6-8 weeks

tony: once we have a candidate and take it and adopt as first working draft for L3
… any objection for that as as a starting point

tony: some pull requests. no updates.
… there are some L3 items; any discussion?
… some open issues.
… discuss?
… we have a few new untriaged


elundberg: wait on this one.

tony: selfissue, can you look at this one and give opinion

tony: https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/issues/1580
… shane you have weighed in

shane: boundary and the client, how do they work to make an assertion
… look more like a FIDO issue

elundberg: I have same thoughts as shane, don't think there solution will solve the problem
… if it does solve, it could be an extension
… conclusion, at most it would be an extension

tony: leave this open then?

shane: should be closed as not a web authn problem

bradley: do we actually understand this?
… there might be something in their issue, what are the trying to do.

shane: put a query in the issue

bradley: I will put something in



agl: I don't think this is focused on our spec

tony: I can't see the tie in.

jeffH: not relevant to us

tony: close.

jeffH: sure.

tony: anything else to add to the agenda?
… adjourn

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