Spoken Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

17 March 2021


ADR_, Irfan, janina, mhakkinen, paul_grenier, SteveNoble_, Tom_Babinszki

Meeting minutes

Agenda Review & Announcements


First Public Working Draft (technical approach) CFC

<paul_grenier> https://github.com/w3c/pronunciation/issues

paul_grenier: FPWD is in progress. we have made some changes based upon the feedback from Michael.

mhakkinen: working on some tasks and will be done by end of this week.

paul_grenier: based upon planning meeting, need to add a section at the end of the document adding pros an cons.

paul_grenier: next week we will be able to present the document as expected.

ADR_: sent some comments in email.

paul_grenier: will create a ticket and changes will be incorporated in section 3 and 4.

paul_grenier: if someone sees any issue in the document, please create a github or send an email to group

janina: we should provide a direct link to get to the specific pages

paul_grenier: will add it in the list and will share it with everyone.

janina: expect most of the people are github comfortable

paul_grenier: our FPWD is moving towards technical recommendations.

janina: we should ask Michael to take a second look and then we will be ready for CFC

Other Business

paul_grenier: planning to meet next week by then we will be done with our editorial work.

paul_grenier: will communicate to Michael once we are done

janina: if it is ready to review before next wednesday, ping me and Michael.

Tom_Babinszki: few weeks ago we discussed how to install amazon web service. if there is any interest, I can document it.

paul_grenier: one thing could be helpful to encouraging implementer, write this document.

paul_grenier: I can write something with web speech API

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