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12 March 2021


Fazio, Francis_Storr, jeanne, Laura_Carlson, Lauriat, sajkaj, Shri, SuzanneTaylor
jeanne, Shawn

Meeting minutes

reminder of Daylight Savings time change starting 14 March

Jeanne: Daylight savings time starts next week, so please check the meeting times for your area, since it may have changed

Highlights of APA media queries presentation

Jeanne: Asks Janina for an update

<Fazio> It was great!

<laura> Agreed. Great info.

Janina: we are working on creating a clean presentation, and will post online, probably next week

Janina: the presentation was on CSS media queries 5, which has some accessibility-related values

Janina: values include reduced motion, high contrast, and suggestions of additional values that APA might request from the CSS group

Janina: will video to list as soon as it is ready, feel free to share it widely

<Fazio> he mentioned dark mode

<sajkaj> https://www.w3.org/TR/mediaqueries-5/

Jeanne: you mentioned a high contrast option, is there also a low contrast option?

<Lauriat> https://www.w3.org/TR/mediaqueries-5/#prefers-contrast (high, low, forced, no-preference)

Janina: posted a link in response

<Fazio> +1 to Jeanne

Jeanne: Concern is turning the options on and off through potentially many different custom UIs, would be nice to get this into browsers

<Zakim> Lauriat, you wanted to suggest OS instead of browsers, who should just respect it

Janina: agrees it should not just be browser-based

Highlights of WCAG3-applicable conference presentations

David: has brought this up with Coga, and they plan to see what they can do with it as well

Jeanne: there was a presentation by BBC on making VR accessible to people with cognitive disabilities

Jeanne: will refer to XR subgroup. Presenter said that it is okay not to cover all disabilities, but it is important to be honest upfront

Jeanne: A different group from BBC did research on the accessibility of 20 different fonts and the differences between the fonts

Jeanne: They test 3 fonts that are supposed to be good for people with dyslexia, but found that people with dyslexia in the study did not prefer those fonts, and actually preferred others

<Lauriat> Related, a CSUN presentation: "Making Design & Fonts More Accessible with Material Design"

Jeanne: Would like to be sure the visual contrast people pick up that research

<Lauriat> (I didn't see it, but heard good things about it)

Janina: Was there any generalizable advice as to what would be best for dyslexia?

<Fazio> We did a study for McDonalds with children and fonts for dyslexia, and had similar results

Jeanne: Can share a copy of the transcript. But it appeared that the san-serif fonts were actually more difficult, because letters could more easily blend together

Jeanne: but it was very detailed research

Jeanne: both these sessions should be freely available, probably next week

Shawn: There was a related presentation at CSUN

David: This might be demographically dependent, as children in a McDonalds gaming study preferred cartoon-styled fonts

Jeanne: Any other interesting talks from this week, anyone would like to share?

writing proposals for general Issues outside a subgroup

Jeanne: I am almost finished moving email comments into github, therefore there are a lot of new issues

Jeanne: 259 open issues, plus two sets of comments from large organizations, which will likely create 20 more issues

Jeanne: 176 assigned to editors | about 300 total

Jeanne: They are sorted by document section, mostly. Many don't really fit into a subgroup.

Jeanne: They need to be sorted and grouped. Some are easy to address, and need someone to propose new bits language to resolve issues. Such as "instead of writing x here, let's write y"

Jeanne: volunteers are needed to write such proposals

Rich: I'm happy to help out

Jeanne: We said we need to get a group together to review UX for TOC of WCAG 3. I will check but I believe it was Rich, David and Jennifer who volunteered. We did get many comments related to this.

Rich: sign me up

Rich: can bring perspective of consumer who is not overly immersed in standards

Jeanne: something I learned from reading all of the comments, was that there are many items that need additional explanation

Rich: I believe there are many simple changes that will make a big difference. For example "normative" often takes a while to explain.

<jeanne> https://github.com/w3c/silver/labels/Subgroup:%20editors?page=2&q=is%3Aopen+label%3A%22Subgroup%3A+editors%22

Jeanne: We need a group to work on the requirements document, as there were a number of related comments. Are there volunteers to work on that?

Jeanne: there are 30 comments on requirements. Rochelle and I were discussing combining related comments so they are all handled together to avoid conflicts

Suzanne: I can volunteer to work on that

Jeanne: any others?

Jeanne: one way to start is to place everything into a google doc and then begin writing proposals

Jeanne: any additional approaches that anyone would like to suggest?

Jeanne: want to acknowledge how wonderful it was that folks jumped in to help out with triage

Jeanne: And also that now all of the issues filed on time on the main list have been entered into Github (other than the ones that were submitted as PDFs - we requested source documents)

Jeanne: Is currently sorting the comments that arrived through other lists

Jeanne: Encourage people to take a look at the issues that are there for topics that you are interested in - consider writing proposals, which can be to make a change, or to not make a change

Jeanne: please consider and email me if so, I'll help connect you with others who want to help

Jeanne: Other agenda items for today?

<SuzanneTaylor> s/other who want to help/others who want to help

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