WoT Use Cases

09 February 2021


David_Ezell, Jack_Dickinson, Michael_Koster, Philip_Tran, Sebastian_Kaebisch
kaz, McCool

Meeting minutes

Agenda bashing

Lagally: reviews agenda
… notes UC TF description added to new web page draft
… and we should also do some wiki page cleanup

<kaz> Use Cases TF description on the WoT Welcome site

Lagally: also master->main change on github needed, but still working through this change on wot-testing

minutes review

<kaz> Jan-26

Lagally: discussed ITU-T use case summary
… plan was to invite them to this call, but did not get organized, so need to try again
… also talked about OPC-UA and liaison plans
… see PR90

<mlagally> PR 90 - Joint activity for a standardized OPC UA Binding

Lagally: no objections, minutes approved

so, want to look at LBD, but no one in attendance to discuss, so we'll look at other topics

PR 89

Lagally: let's review PRs
… PR89, HTML version of template

<kaz> PR 89 - add HTML template for use cases

McCool: suggest we also update the README to give appropriate instructions, i.e. either MD or HTML template

Lagally: will take update the README offline

<kaz> i/let's view PRs/topic: PR 89/

PR 86

<kaz> PR 86 - Update Smartcity Dashboard UC

<kaz> 4.4.2 Smart City Dashboard

Lagally: let's keep the PR/MR open so Philip Tran can review, then will discuss in two weeks

McCool: there are other pending activities around geolocation more generally...

Lagally: but that can wait, let's do the dashboard UC first

PR 94

<kaz> PR 94 - Focus AR/VR Guide use case on AR

<kaz> 4.17.1 VR/AR Virtual Guide

Action: kaz to contact Rob Smith about PR 94

<mlagally> https://github.com/w3c/wot-usecases/pull/94


<kaz> PR 90 - Joint activity for a standardized OPC UA Binding

Sebastian: been working on joint charter

Kaz: not really a uc description but a liaison proposal
… should be put under related standards in another relevant use case...

McCool: such as factory automation

Sebastian: see PR 90

Lagally: we should additionally clarify what an OPC-UA binding provides as benefits to other use cases

McCool: so maybe this should be in a new section, i.e. "Related Standards"

McCool: not sure whether the ITU-T stuff should go in as well...

Lagally: don't think we should do that, but can look at specific content

Lagally: anyway, proposal is to add a section for "Related Standards" and subsections for OPC-UA and ITU-T
… and suggest that we do another iteration on the OPC-UA to include additional

Kaz: technically, we could reuse "dependencies" section but adding a new section for "related standards" would make sense

Lagally: (created an issue on that point)

Issue 96 - New Annex to describe Liaisons

(McCool leaves)

Issue 50

Issue 50 - Complete privacy section for Medical use case

Lagally: this is one example on privacy required use cases

(need McCool for this topic)

Issue 75

Issue 75 - Requirements document for time stamps/ time series

Sebastian: we're not sure how to handle time stamps / time series withing TD
… related to topic about runtime data
… detailed description of the runtime data is needed

Lagally: do we have any ontology to handle time stamps / time series?

Sebastian: think it's a question of the data model
… JSON Schema already provide some
… but you can provide something additional
… but we don't have any concrete recommendation

Kaz: 2 comments here
… first, do we really have clear enough descriptions within our use cases about how to deal with time series of data?
… probably we should add some more clarifications based on some of the related use cases like media use cases and geolocation use cases
… second, as I suggested during the main call the other day, we should talk with related SDOs which handle ontologies, e.g., IEC

Koster: agree with Kaz
… joint discussion with OneDM on time information handling could be helpful
… examples include time series of temperature

David: time is on the same level of location
… need to identify when/where and what

Koster: right
… relevant to TD processing

Lagally: should have some use case on the combination of time and geolocation
… let's continue the discussion
… aob?

Mizushima: there is still a use case proposal on edge computing
… but that is written in MD
… we should convert it into HTML, shouldn't we?

Lagally: yes, please do so


Summary of action items

  1. kaz to contact Rob Smith about PR 94
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