Web Authentication WG

13 January 2021


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Fontana, Nadalin

Meeting minutes

tony: as we stated last week, we are in CR.
… no open pull requests, or triaged PRs, have some issues

… agl has responded. Still waiting for comments.

bradley: questions on transport hints

agl: we do this.

bradley: we need to scope the impact, that may bring some understanding of the issue

tony: we don't normalize this in the spec

bradley: maybe chrome is working on this

agl: we do the best we can to provide this information.
… none of that is web authn material

tony: this would be a normative change, not appropriate for CR
… I would like to move this to L3

jeffH: that is appropiate

consensus to move to L3

tony: only tech issue open in CR. I have asked Denis to use github to enter any issues
… so we can track them, but I don't see anything that is normative change

jeffH: in L2

tony: yes

nickS: we discussed getting a list of authenticators that are non-conformit to Web authn spec or have specific behanvioes
… will respond differently than most authenticators
… authenticators that might not support discoverable keys
… want this so we can remediate with the vendors

bradleuy: you are looking for authenticators that have unusual behaviors


nickS: yes

agl: brad hill has a list of keys in this category

bradlely: this list is old

<wseltzer> https://github.com/hillbrad/u2freviews

bradlely: your mileage may vary

selfissue: where are we with getting the CR approved and when

tony: issues here are editorial. if not in CR, we will move to L3 to fix.

<wseltzer> https://www.chromium.org/security-keys

<wseltzer> ^ the other link agl mentioned

tony: adjourn

zakim: list attendees

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