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7 Jan 2021


Bryan, jeanne, Jemma, PeterKorn, sajkaj, sarahhorton, Wilco

Meeting minutes

Agenda Review & Administrative Items

Developing use cases for our principles -- How best to capture?

<sarahhorton> Janina: Shawn had suggested use cases to go with principles, what user needs do they serve

<sarahhorton> ... could do these in email, develop one per principle, even more

<PeterKorn> +

<sarahhorton> ... how best to capture them

<sarahhorton> Peter: Email is fine to get started, then review in meetings and agree on them

<sarahhorton> ... happy to move away from Google docs

<sarahhorton> Jeanne: Add them to wiki once agreed

<sarahhorton> Janina: Develop in email, discuss when we have them to talk about, and then decide how to add to wiki

<sarahhorton> Peter: Can happen in any order

<sarahhorton> Janina: Will write up one and share with group to prototype

<sarahhorton> ... include relevant principle in email Subject

<sarahhorton> Jeanne: Use [conformance]

Scoping & Timeline Discussion

<sarahhorton> Janina: Elaborate statement, ideas of bulleted items in scope, out of scope, timeline to get work done

<sarahhorton> ... not doing deep dive on scoring and those details

<sarahhorton> Jeanne: Scoring is among solutions

<sarahhorton> Peter: Scope/timeline by end of week, added to top of Google doc

<PeterKorn> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GyUYTnZp0HIMdsKqCiISCSCvL0su692dnW34P81kbbw/edit#

<sarahhorton> Peter reviews addtions to document

<sarahhorton> Jeanne: Would like to go beyond challenges, another document with same name, other conformance issues that need to be explored

<sarahhorton> Janina: Might be level above testing, assessing, rating versus making conformance claim

<sarahhorton> ... details of testing, assessing, scoring may not be part of conformance claim definition

<sarahhorton> ... if those issues are not about conformance assessment

<sarahhorton> ... describing multiple situations that are met through different protocols

<sarahhorton> ... have worked most of testing ands scoring, some situations doesn't meet what's needed

<sarahhorton> ... need ability to describe how you met it that isn't ephemeral

<sarahhorton> Peter: Seems like a direction for proposed solution, not sure how it influences scope

<sarahhorton> Jeanne: Some principles are addressed in details of scoring rather than conformance section

<sarahhorton> ... don't want to rule out details of scoring when a lot of solution is there

<sarahhorton> ... writing new guidelines out of scope

<sarahhorton> ... look at how scoring flows from method to outcome

<sarahhorton> ... multipage website, leaves room for a lot of bugs

<sarahhorton> ... keeping flexibility at guideline level, work with dynamic sites

<sarahhorton> ... look at how solution works with dynamic sites

<sarahhorton> Peter: Added new guidelines, methods, outcomes to out of scope

<sarahhorton> ... and user needs

<sarahhorton> ... and functional need

<sarahhorton> ... put testing and scoring into in scope

<sarahhorton> Jeanne: Add revising WCAG-EM to out of scope

<sarahhorton> Sarah: Large digital products and 3rd party content?

<sarahhorton> Peter: No necessary to restrict scope

<sarahhorton> ... revise purpose and principles after scope discussion

<sarahhorton> Peter: Reviews timeline

<sarahhorton> Jeanne: How to get from principles to recommendations?

<sarahhorton> ... how about report on status of use cases? Need time to test use cases

<sarahhorton> ... plan for changes to Silver, depending on what needs to be fixed, some big problems, some well addressed, may have minor changes

<sarahhorton> Peter: Roll out reports to Silver

<sarahhorton> Janina: manual testing and 3rd party content are big challenges we will work on

<sarahhorton> Jeanne: Request for scope came from chairs

<sarahhorton> Peter: Does this need soak time, or deliver as preliminary?

<sarahhorton> Jeanne: Would like groups to send link to chairs, Shawn, and Jeanne for comments and changes

<sarahhorton> ... then review, revise

<sarahhorton> Janina: Will share with chairs, silver list, add to wiki page

Principles Discussion; Item #8

<sarahhorton> Peter: No longer concerned about the last principle, that solution meets Silver requirements

Be Done

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