Spoken Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

16 Dec 2020


Irfan, Roy, paul_grenier_, JF, Dee, mhakkinen, janina, SteveNoble_, paul_grenier, ADR


<scribe> scribe: paul_grenier

Agenda Review & Announcements

irfan: how will we present our case to the publishing group?

mark: can we hear the audio of "The Raven" that was created?

paul: it wasn't recorded, perhaps we can test it during the call

APA charter

janina: (from publishing) we need examples and socialization of interest

irfan: we need to identify any deliverables this group plans to create between the next charter dates, Summer 2021-2024.

janina: we're going to write a specification which we hope to get all the way to TR
... we should talk about a best-practices document, or note.
... there's a template for specifying our normative deliverables.
... Roy and Michael can help us with the format.

irfan: CR and TR are the same document?

janina: they're steps in the process.
... we get comments on our first public working draft and we need to track our responses.
... we can then version those working drafts but we wrap up with the final three steps: Candidate Recommendation, Proposed Recommendation, Technical recommendation
... at the end of CR, we show the director that we have at least two implementations for each normative MUST
... and we have to show we met our requirements
... then we transition to PR to begin the formal review of the advisory committee
... after the votes and some time passes, we become a TR

JF: usually browser vendors will look more closely at an accessibility spec
... it's a consensus model, so you're just looking to avoid strong objections from AC reps

irfan: we should discuss our timeline in our first meeting in January, 2021.

janina: we want to finalize by the end of January
... also look at the requirements and other deliverables

Call with PCG

janina: I suggest we review our work, timeline, and planning
... they will likely be early adopters because it helps them, so we'll also talk about content and an implementation
... we'll also need to socialize our approach options within the wider publishing community
... we'll eventually need a prefix from WHATWG

irfan: please report back after the meeting
... we're not meeting again until Jan 6

<mhakkinen> SSML Validator: http://garrettvargas.com/ssml.html

<janina> Here is the current Agenda and irc.

<janina> Mateus will be hosting meeting tomorrow so we can introduce Pronunciation TF at beginning.

<janina> I will post zoom link in irc when meeting starts.

<janina> IRC server: irc.w3.org:6665

<janina> Channel: #publishingcg

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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