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09 Dec 2020



jeffh, jfontana, selfissued, akshayku, jbarclay, dveditz


nickS present

tony: we have some PRs to look at - untriaged ones


agl: this one is good to go.

jeffH: it is fine.
... question. if we merge today, is that with intent to include in CR

tony: yes.

rtony: yes, we still use WD-04


tony: looks approved.

agl: good to go.


agl: this is technical complicated one, we are missing comment.

jbradley: no objection to merging it once comments come in.

tony: I will get hilm ot look at it and comment


jbradley: I think I have them all. I will merge


jeffH: land it
... merged


agl: fine with this, discussed at FIDO.
... we should land it.

tony: issues


agl: I will craft a PR to unblock things.

tony: who can review PR?

akshay: I can in a day or so.

tony: jeffH, john, akshay review it.

agl: this is editorial only, no technical changes.

tony: this is holding this up.

<jfontana_> https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/issues/1533

<jfontana_> jeffH: I will close

<jfontana_> tony: this takes us through open issues.

<jfontana_> ...any more discussion on open items

<jfontana_> https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/issues/1372

<jfontana_> jbradley: people think this might happen

<jfontana_> agl: it won't happen in Level 2, we should tag it Level 3

<jfontana_> jeffH: it is on the futures milestone already

<jfontana_> tony: any other issues.

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