Spoken Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

09 Dec 2020


Irfan, Roy, paul_grenier_, JF, Dee, mhakkinen, janina, SteveNoble_


<scribe> scribe: Irfan

Agenda Review & Announcements

pail: we have only one meeting on 16th in this year. after that we are going to meet next year.


mark: working on the list of each of key pronunciation function written in plain text, adding appendix for json schema. trying to finish it locally before adding it to the final document.

janina: we have determined to go FPWD with two different options before we go for the final approach

we want to publish first public draft that way.

We are having some excellent compelling examples for these documents.

Mark: same examples could be used for both the approaches.

we may have some Japanese examples.

jf: ruby examples are not picked up by machine

Mark" we have access to Japanese speaker

s: /:

Irfan: communicated with publishing folks to have a meeting and waiting to hear from them to participate in our meeting

Github Issues


paul: this example is nice but short and need more details
... will take this down as a task.

MArk: we have chemistry example as well - https://github.com/w3c/pronunciation/issues/66
... if we can have some examples from publishing about Use of SSML in EPUB for Japanese language


Irfan will send this details with publishing group

Upcoming Meeting

Paul: we have another meeting on 16th and then no meetings in this year. If we get some response from publishing we can engage them.

anything that we can address before our break will be fanatastic

next year first meeting will be on January 6th

Other Business

mark: has there been any updates about voice assistance workshop?

janina: no updates

Paul: would add a task to follow up on this

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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