WoT Architecture

03 Dec 2020



Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_Lagally, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Jack_Dickinson



Lagally: some input from the Security TF

wot-architecture issue 570 on lifecycle

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Lagally: (goes through the minutes)
... (mentions the Doodle poll for the Use Cases call)

Doodle for the Use Cases call slot

Lagally: we're getting more responses :)
... let's see the conclusion tomorrow (after the deadline)
... any problems with the minutes?



Transfer of the requirements section to the Use Cases doc

Lagally: we've already moved the text content

PR 573 for the README.md

Lagally: would like to merge this

wot-usecases PR 71

Lagally: we can merge this (wot-usecases PR 71) next week during the Use Cases call
... on the other hand, would merge the wot-architecture PR 573 now

(merged wot-architecture PR 573)


Lagally: 3 new issues
... 2 new terminology suggestions

Issue 572

Issue 571

Lagally: and boilerplate text

Issue 569

Lagally: then moving the REQUIREMENTS folder to the wot-usecases repo

Issue 568

Lagally: then lifecycle simplification

Issue 561

Lagally: then cross reference for FPWD for wot-discovery, wot-thing-description, etc.

Issue 558

Kaz: still need to create a PR to update the wot-architecture/index.html based on the changes for the publication
... please assign me to the Issue 558 to create a PR

Lagally: ok
... (and assigns Issue 558 to Kaz)
... then Introduction for Profile section 9.2

Issue 556

Lagally: and system lifecycle with registration

Issue 555

preset+ Sebastian_Kaebisch

(Sebastian joins)

Sebastian: maybe for the Discovery guys?
... e.g., Farshid

Lagally: (assigns Farshid as well)
... then system lifecycle

Issue 554

Lagally: given the low attendance today, we should talk about this next time
... (and adds Farshid o the assignees)
... will take Issue 551

Issue 551

Lagally: and usage of "ThingModel" term

Issue 534

Sebastian: need discussion with the Scripting guys
... what it would mean for Thing fragments as well

Lagally: adds a new issue on "Thing Description Fragments"

Issue 574

Lagally: also terminology for the Binding document

Issue 575

Lagally: and Lifecycle Intro

Issue 552


Lagally: we talked about interoperability requirements
... e.g., signing and encryption

JSON Web Signatures

Linked data signatures

Lagally: (then goes through the WoT Profile Editor's draft)

WoT Profile ED

Lagally: we'll continue the discussion on signing
... there are two candidates so far

JSON Web Signatures

Linked data signatures

Lagally: we need McCool for this discussion


Lagally: any other business for today?



Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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